Michael Baer

Fighting Incredible
Agility Good
Strength Amazing
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 135
Karma 26
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Body Resistance: Blockbuster’s thick hide provides him with Incredible protection from physical and energy attacks.


Martial Arts A, Wrestling




Michael Baer was an expatriate American in Europe who, while in his teens, opposed testifying against a fellow criminal. He picked up a radical political philosophy, worked as muscle for street gangs in Germany, and eventually joined a terrorist group called Fist Of Victory. The rest of the group was killed by police, and Baer was recruited into the Marauders. Blockbuster asisted in their opperation, holding the Angel while Harpoon impaled his wings, which resulted in their amputation. Later, when Blockbuster attacked Thor by surprise, the enraged Thunder God responded by hitting Baer in the face w/ Mjolnir, and Blockbuster appeared to die. Like other dead Marauders, he has shown up later, due to Sinister’s cloning tricks so he’s bound to show up again.

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