Fred J.Dukes

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Poor
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Poor
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 184
Karma 34
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Immovability: After firmly planting himself (1 round) Blob can only be moved by an adversery of Unearthly strength or greater and only on a Red FEAT. He is immune to stuns and slams.
Body Resistance: Unearthly vs. physical, Amazing vs. cold, heat and energy. His senses are not protected.
Bodily Expansion: Blob can flex his fat so he can break through restraining materials of Incredible strength or less. He can also entrap attacking opponents in the folds of his skin with Incredible ability. Once grabbed the opponent is held with Unearthly strength.




Onslaught, Unus, Freedom Force, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Brotherhood II, III, Factor Three, X-Corps


Fred Dukes began to use his mutant powers in a freak show, where his oversized body and mass attracted many visitors. His life would stay like this if not for Magneto. When the master of magnetism was forming the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, he went for Dukes. Then he learned how to use his powers in evil ways, controlling his density to make himself immovable and to trap others inside his fat. He, along with the other members of the Brotherhood, became one of the X-Men worse enemies, fighting many times against them.

After Magneto left the leadership of the Brotherhood, Mystique became their leader. Their first mission was to kill Senator Kelly, but he and the other were stopped by the New X-Men. The Blob was arrested, but set free some time after by Mystique and Rogue. Some months later, when the government offered the Brotherhood to become the Freedom Force, Blob turned into a worker of the government, but not for a long time. During a mission to save a scientist, almost all of the Freedom Force members died fighting against the group that had kidnapped the scientist. Blob and Pyro escaped. They both returned to the Brotherhood when Toad formed the third incarnation of the team. This Brotherhood didn´t make many problems, and the Blob vanished for some time.

Fred recently returned, fighting with X-Force with his powers enhanced by Onslaught. X-Force defeated him, but Fred was saved by the Mimic. This two were seen fighting Warpth and Risque and it seems that he, the Mimic and Risque used to work for the same man and that Fred and the Mimic are still working for him. Also, the Blob showed up and fought Maverick, after a bar discussion.

In his last appearance, Blob was a member of a Brotherhood that liberated Xavier from the Hulkbuster Base he was trapped. This group was captured by Cerebro, and their whereabouts are unknown.

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