Blizzard II

Blizzard II
Donny Gill

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 50
Karma 22
Resources Typical
Popularity 0




Armor: Good protection vs physical and Amazing protection vs Cold.
Backpack: The blizzard armor is powered by a backpack that can sustain Remarkable damage before becoming inoperative
Ice Generation: The Blizzard battlesuit allows him to:
Create Remarkable ice missiles,
Erect Ice walls of Remarkable strength.
He can also create sleet, snow and freezing rain with Remarkable ability






Donny Gill, an underling of the businessman Justin Hammer, was given a battlesuit reminiscent of the original villain, and Hammer’s agent, known as the Blizzard. Gill mastered the use of the battlesuit and began his first assignment: to recapture the supervillain known as Force, and agent of Hammer who had deserted him. Gill and his allies, the Beetle (now, MACH-3) and Blacklash (now, Whiplash) were defeated and captured by the hero, Iron Man.

Avoiding prison with the help of Hammer, Gill has often worked for Hammer at other times, as well as embarking on other criminal activities on his own, although he has been repeatedly defeated by heroes such as Iron Man. More recently, Gill had joined the new Crimson Cowl in her latest incarnation of the villain team, the Masters of Evil.

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