Identity: Clarice Ferguson

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 90
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Teleportation: Blink can teleport herself and/or others at Amazing ability. She has developed the following power stunts.
Speed Teleport: Blink has an initiative of Unearthly when using her teleport power.
When attempting to hit Blink the attacker must have initiative or succeed in a Monstrous Intuition FEAT, otherwise she will have teleported away.
Teleport Pins: Blink carries a quiver of pins that do Excellent edged damage. She can also charge them with some of her blinking power to teleport someone away at Amazing ability or even deadlier to blink the pins a short distance inside a person. This does Incredible damage. The pins have Amazing material strength


Tallus: Made from Class 1000 strength material it allows the holder and anyone wishing to go the Unearthly ability to teleport through reality, space and time. The Tallus instructs Blink on what is needed to be done to fix the breaks in time in a reality. Once completed, it will move her and the Exile team on to the next reality.
Teleportation Pins: Made from Incredible strength material the inflict Excellent edged damage.


Martial Arts: A B E, Tumbling, Acrobatics


GenerationX, Exiles, Xmen, Mutant Underground


When Clarice’s power first manifested, she ended up hurting someone. She promised herself from that then on, she would never use her powers again.

When the extraterrestrial threat of the Phalanx attacked Earth, they captured many “neomutants”, including Clarice, in order to experiment on how they could aborb mutants into their collective existence. Clarice came to be friends during the last hours of her life with her new friends.

When the member M freed them from their prison, and they were helped by a rescue team of Banshee, Synch, Jubilee, the White Queen, and Sabretooth. Attacked by the Phalanx intelligence known as Harvest, Clarice took it upon herself to defeat him. Teleporting away half of the ship they were imprisioned upon, only Clarice and Banshee could stop Harvest. Using her powers, she distorted the villain, but swallowed herself as well. Banshee tried his best to save her, but in the end, Blink died, a hero.

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