Mark Scarlotti

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Poor

Health 80
Karma 34
Resources Typical
Popularity -8




Body Armor: Blacklash’ s steel mesh body suit provides Good protection from physical attacks and Excellent protection from energy attacks.
Whips: Blacklash’ s arsenal centers on a pair of specially designed titanium whips. These whips are stored in holders in his gloves. He may use these custom designed whips in a number of ways.
As whips: for Remarkable Blunt weapon damage. They may grapple an opponent as with Incredible strength.
As nunchaku: for two separate attacks with Excellent damage each. If wound around an opponent, the whip may detach from its handle and explode for Incredible damage to its target (Excellent to all within one area). The concussion explosion may be timed for up to three rounds.
Special: The whip may be stiffened to form a vaulting pole allowing 1 story vaults. The whip may be spun to form a shield of Excellent protection.
The whips are made of Incredible Strength Material.
Other Weaponry: Whiplash has a Gravity Bob and a Necrolash.
The Gravity Bob has an artificial gravity device; if it hits a target, the target is held down with Amazing Strength. The bob is made of Amazing Strength material.
The Necrolash is a whip; if it grapples a target, Blacklash can channel Amazing intensity electricity through to its target.


Weapon Specialist-Whips, Martial Arts A, C, E, Engineering


Maggia, Justin Hammer.


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