Black Panther

Identity: T’Challa

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 140
Karma 60
Resources Amazing
Popularity 55


Enhanced Senses:
Ultravision: Excellent
Enhanced Hearing: Good
Tracking: Amazing tracking, outdoors, he can track up to 12 hrs. & 6 hrs in the city


Costume: The Panther’s bodysuit has a Vibranium microwebbing that not only stops bullets but saps their momentum. Like Kevlar, it can be cut if you cut along the grain of the webbing, but cannot be punctured conventionally by blunt force.
Kinetic Absorption: His costume provides Excellent protection from physical damage.
Blending: The suit also provides Remarkable rank blending with shadows and in dim light.
Claws: The Panther’s claws are retractable, and contain a new composite of the experimental “anti-metal” Vibranium, that can break down other metal alloys. His claws can cut through most common metals of Unearthly material strength and may inflict up to Excellent damage.
Boots: The Panther’s boots have special Vibranium soles that absorb sound and impact, enabling him to leap off buildings up to 8 stories tall and land without injury. He can also literally run up the sides of buildings, however cannot be used to remain stationary.
Mask: The Panther’s mask is fitted with night vision lenses to augment his already superhumanly enhanced natural senses. These provided Incrdible ranked Infravision.
Illusion Generation: Panther posesses an image inducer of Remarkable rank that allows him to appear in costume or not, as he desires.
Energy Dagger: A virtual blade that can be fired, thrown up to 5 areas and handled like an actual knife. Capable of causing Amazing Energy or Edged damage. Targets hit are marked by the energies, and can be seen by his costume lenses and tracked using Kimoyo Cards.
Kimoyo Cards: These are global positioning and communications device. It can also home in on the unique energy signature Panther’s Energy Dagger “marks” his prey with.


Acrobatics, Tumbling, Animal Handling, Martial Arts A, B, C and E, First Aid, Demolitions, Engineering, Detective, Marksman, Weaponsmaster, Leadership, Languages: Swahili-Arabic-French-English-Russian-Spanish-Hausa


Wakanda, Avengers


T’Challa is the son of T’Chaka, king of the African nation of Wakanda, a country that currently derives much of its considerable wealth and impressive technology from a large stockpile of the rare meteoric metal Vibranium. When his father was slain by the ivory/Vibranium hunter Ulysses Klaw (now the villain known simply as Klaw,) young T’Challa swore vengeance and succeeded in thwarting Klaw’s raid.

Soon, he was sent off to be educated in the finest schools of Europe and the United States, returning to his homeland to resume the throne. After completing tests that included a trial by combat and the quest for a rare heart-shaped Wakanda herb that further enhanced T’Challa’s already impressive physical abilities, T’Challa assumed the title and costume of the Black Panther from the Wakanda’s panther god. Under the his guidance, Wakanda became a very modernized and technically advanced society while remaining faithful to traditional African cultural values.

As the Black Panther, T’Challa served both as Wakanda’s head of state and one of the country’s finest warriors, defending Wakanda from a variety of internal and external threats. He befriended many American adventurers, beginning with the Fantastic Four and Captain America.

When Captain America decided to take a leave of absence from his super hero team, the Avengers, he asked the Black Panther to serve as his replacement. The Panther accepted, hoping to learn more about North America and American crime fighting methods and serve as a Wakanda ambassador to the western world. (It has since been revealed that T’Challa also agreed so as to observe the international-operating Avengers and assess the nature of their ambitions.) T’Challa took a leave of absence from his royal duties but occasionally returned to Wakanda to supervise affairs of state. He also maintained an American dual identity as schoolteacher Luke Charles in an attempt to learn more about America and better acquaint young African-Americans with their cultural heritage.

T’Challa eventually returned to his royal duties in Wakanda but continued to assist the Avengers and Fantastic Four on occasion. He has been a frequent ally and occasional reserve member of the Avengers in the years since then, but he has not rejoined the Avengers on a full-time basis, preferring instead to concentrate on his duties as Wakanda’s ruler.

T’Challa recently returned to New York to investigate a mysterious murder that tied into a Wakanda charity. During his absence, he lost his throne as a result of a Wakanda civil war and political coup. Remaining in the States, T’Challa established a new identity for himself while continuing to occaisionally adventure as the Black Panther.

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