Black Mamba

Black Mamba
Tanya Sealy

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Amazing

Health 28
Karma 62
Resources Typical
Popularity -3


Darkforce Manipulation: Mamba has the ability to project a cloud of Darkforce. She can telepathically scan the mind of someone within two areas for a single image, the image of some trusted friend or companion, usually of the opposite sex. She then projects an inky cloud of Darkforce as an illusion of that friend or companion and directs the illusion to embrace the target. The illusion is of Incredible intensity. The target may resist with a Psyche FEAT vs Incredible intensity. Failure allows the Darkforce illusion to approach and embrace the character. The Darkforce grips with Excellent strength, and reduces the character’s Endurance by one rank at the end of each round. If the character’s Endurance drops below Feeble, they die. A Psyche FEAT should be allowed each round to try and realize what is happening and try to break free.

Bombardment of the Darkforce projection by energy attacks related to heat or light will disrupt the illusion and require Mamba to roll on the Stun Table.

Snakes: To make up for her lack of physical prowess, Mamba adorns her garb with four poisonous snakes, each with the following stats:
Fighting Typical
Agility Poor
Strength Feeble
Endurance Typical
Reason Feeble
Intuition Feeble
Psyche Feeble

Health 18
Karma 6

The snakes automatically attack anyone who touches Mamba for Poor Edged damage and inject a poison which will knock its victims out for 1-10 rounds unless an Endurance feat is made vs Typical intensity.


Performer – Dancing


Serpent Society, Masters of Evil.


Tanya Sealy, an escort girl, was chosen by Roxxon Oil executives to become a metahuman agent in the highly confidential Clandestine Operations branch. She went under the knife at the Brand labs (a subsidiary of Roxxon) and emerged with psionic abilities, as well (like all the members of the team then assembled, called the Serpent Squad) special gills allowing her to breath underwater.

She worked fine with the Serpent Squad, helping recover the Serpent Crown, and went with them when they became independents. Like the rest, she joined the Serpent Society when Sidewinder offered them to. Her main motivation was to have a regular salary instead of unpredictable bounties, but she also forged a seemingly solid relationship with Sidewinder.

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