Black Knight III

Identity: Dane Whitman

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 70
Karma 40
Resources Excellent
Popularity 40


Magical Senses: Dane has gained the ability to detect magic with Monstrous ability.


Elven Armor: Excellent vs. Physical attacks.
Shield Of Night: Class 1000 material, absorbs 80 points of damage/turn if used as a defensive weapon and reduces slam/stun results against him by -4CS. Falling damage can also be absorbed. Absorbs all energy attacks up to Unearthly rank and rechannel it (through the Sword of Light) to a different target. An Endurance FEAT must be rolled by the weilder or be fatigued for 1-5 turns.
Sword Of Light: Class 1000 material, Remarkable edge and will fire energy absorbed by the Shield of Night as a Force Bolt with a 3 area range.
Necklace: When Black Knight speaks the word “Avalon” it causes the above three items to vanish to be replaced by a necklace. All he need do to return his equipment is again say “Avalon”.
Strider: Strider is the Black Knight’s winged mount.
Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 70
Karma 22

Dimensional Travel: Strider has the Unearthly ability to travel from Avalon to any dimension Black Knight calls him from.
Winged Flight: Incredible air speed. Strider is +1CS to FEAT’s involving control in flight.
Elemental Travel: Strider has the Unearthly ability to travel through any element as if through air. A side effect of the power is that Strider and his rider are both able to breath and pass unharmed through the element.
Hooves: Good blunt damage.
Talents: Running (Poor land speed), Mount ( rider +1CS to FEAT’s in flight)


Weapon Specialist: Sword, Horsemanship, Genetics, Physics, Repair/Tinkering


Avalon, Avengers, Masters of Evil, UltraForce, Queen’s Vengeance, Heroes for Hire


A descendant of the medieval heroic Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia) andnephew of the modern-day criminal Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Dane Whitman inherited the paraphernalia of both men and used it to become a modern-day, heroic Black Knight. As the Black Knight, he became a frequent ally to his uncle’s old foes, the Avengers. After rescuing the team from Kang, Whitman was made a full member but opted for reserve status since he resided in England at the time, having inherited his family’s ancestral castle, Garrett Castle. Whitman later fell under the spell of the wicked Enchantress, who turned him to stone after she no longer considered him useful. His spirit was somehow cast back to the time of the Crusades, where he inhabited the body of his ancestor, Eobar Garrington, the Twelfth Century Black Knight, and fought on behalf of King Richard. When Garrington’s body finally died in battle years later, Dane’s spirit returned to his present-day body, which was restored to its normal state by the wizard Amergin.

Dane rejoined the Avengers as a full-time member, serving until a curse on his ebony blade (which he’d inherited from Sir Percy) petrified him again. He was restored to normal through the combined efforts of his friends Victoria Bentley, the caretaker of Garrett Castle, who purchased the Castle herself during Dane’s years in the Crusades to prevent the British government from seizing the property for failure to pay taxes; Sean Dolan, a young Irish orphan to whom Dane became a guardian and mentor; and Doctor Strange, an old ally of Dane’s who had used his sorcerous skills to purge a curse from the ebony blade once before. Following his restoration to human form, Dane rejoined the Avengers as a reservist. He soon took on full active membership again, and abandoned his ebony blade since he felt it was too dangerous to use. Sean Dolan was later possessed by the blade and transformed into the demonic Bloodwraith, killing Victoria Bentley and becoming one of the Black Knight’s most bitter foes.

Dane has never had much luck with women; the Enchantress used him as a pawn and threw him away when she was done; he had a longtime crush on Avengers founder the Wasp, but she didn’t share Dane’s feelings; he shared a mutual attraction with sometime Avengers foe and one-time honorary Avengers member Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara), but she died before they ever spent much time together; Bentley, too, died before her own potential romance with Dane ever had a chance to develop; and Dane’s second active membership stint with the Avengers was complicated by a love triangle involving himself and two of his teammates, Crystal & Sersi. Dane was in love with Crystal, the estranged wife of longtime Avengers member Quicksilver, but was also strongly attracted to the mentally unstable Sersi, who was madly in love with him. When Quicksilver returned to the group and seemed prepared to reconcile with Crystal, Dane unselfishly renounced his feelings for her and devoted himself to Sersi, accompanying her in her exile to another dimension when her mental instability made her too dangerous to remain on Earth.

During their adventures in other dimensions, Sersi regained her emotional stability and Dane spent some time with a super-team called Ultraforce, even becoming its leader. He and Sersi eventually decided to return to their own Earth, though, and managed to do so after an accidental side trip to the Crusades, during which Dane earned the friendship and enmity of Bennet du Paris, a power-mad knight who survived into modern times as the super-powerful mutant terrorist Exodus, leader of the Acolytes. On returning to present-day Earth, Dane and Sersi split up. The Avengers were temporarily disbanded at the time, so Dane found a new home and new employment at Oracle Incorporated, joining the company’s new super-team, Heroes for Hire. At about the same time, Dane was contacted by the Lady of the Lake, who informed him that he was fated to be the champion of Avalon, the mystical Celtic realm Dane had been allied with during his time in the Twelfth Century. The Lady of the Lake gave Dane a new magical winged steed and mystical weapons to better battle evil in Avalon’s name.

Dane continued to battle evil as a member of Heroes for Hire and as an inactive member of the Avengers, until Heroes for Hire’s disbanding. In one of the team’s final missions, they encountered on Mount Wundagore the humanoid animals created by the villain known as the High Evolutionary. The Black Knight elected to stay on Wundagore to lead these “New Men.”

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