Black Cat

Identity: Felicia Hardy

Fighting Good
Agility Amazing
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 86
Karma 40
Resources Typical
Popularity 2


Luck Manipulation: Felicia subconsciously causes a probability alteration field around her at Amazing intensity, causing bad luck to befall any who attack her usually in spectacular ways: guns explode, attacker falls and breaks a leg etc.


Felicia’s unluck also affects her associates, who suffer a weekly Psyche FEAT roll or fall victim to “bad luck”.


Often carries a length of thin cable which ends in a ball of glue. Using this Felicia can throw the ball upto three areas using it as a swing line or tightrope.


Martial Arts A, E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Lockpicking, Tightrope Walking, Security Systems.




Felicia Hardy became a thief when she learned that, unknown to her, her dad had been before his death a highly reputed rogue. She trained hard during her teens and took the nom de crime of the “Black Cat”. Intelligent and determined to quickly create a mystique, she worked on the Black Cat concept by carefully rigging her theaters of operation with traps that would give the impression she had the power to jinx her opponents (ropes rigged to break, small explosive charges behind walls, etc.).

Caught in the glamour of her new identity, she had several encounters with Spidey and eventually fell in love with him, wanting to become his partner. They were lovers for a few months, but at one point Hardy was badly shot by Octopus, and Spiderman was consumed by guilt, considering letting a young woman adventures with him was far too dangerous. Distraught, Felicia sought to gain real powers to get back with Spiderman, and sided with the Kingpin, who had promised to gift her with powers. She gained actual bad luck powers, but it was really a ruthless plan from the Kingpin to avenge himself of both the Black Cat and Spiderman. This, among various spats, led to their final breakup.

Spidey had Dr Strange remove Felicia’s jinx, which was still plaguing him after she left ; what he didn’t know is that it mutated Felicia’s power when she didn’t expect it, and she was badly beaten. She vowed revenge on Parker and sided with the Foreigner in order to frame Spiderman for a murder ; however, at a critical moment, she sided with Spiderman, helped him beat the Foreigner and restore his “good” name. After that, Felicia, who has the Connoisseur advantage, left the States for Paris.

She came back to the States a few months later. She reacted badly to discovering he was married, but after nursing revenge and swearing to ruin their marriage, cooled down. In fact, she saved Spiderman’s hide in a big way after he had been manipulated by the Chameleon in losing his powers, but lost hers in the fight. She later teamed up with the band of heroes allied with Spiderman during the Maximum Carnage affair.

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