Black Archer

Identity: Wyatt McDonald

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 70
Karma 32
Resources Unearthly
Popularity 40




Bow, 2 arrows/round at 6 areas range.
Arrows: Warheads on his arrows include:
Acetylene: Remarkable damage.
Acid: Remarkable intensity.
Argonite: Fatal to Hyperion only.
Blunt: Endurance FEAT or lose consciousness for 1-10 rounds
Electro: Excellent intensity shock
Explosive: Amazing damage
Flare: Remarkable illumination. 2 areas.
Freeze: Good intensity.
Hunting: Typical edged damage
Knockout Gas: Excellent intensity: 20 ft area.
Net: Remarkable grappling attack.
Rope: 400ft line.
Smoke: 1 area.
Tear gas: Excellent intensity. 1 area


Weapon Specialist: Bow


Squadron Supreme


The man named Wyatt McDonald used to be a taxi driver, but decided to go for a life of fame, adventure and action instead. He perfected his combat skills, both hand-to-hand and the use of weapons, particularly the longbow, and assumed the costumed identity of Hawkeye. He later changed identity to that of the Golden Archer and became the superteam called Squadron Supreme’s first recruit. As part of this growing group he met fellow member Lady Lark and they became a couple.

At one point, the alien Overlord conquered, with the help of the US Army and the Squadron Supreme, the entire Earth, but was later defeated by the Squadroners. As a rescue program to save the war-torn and destroyed Earth, the Squadroners adopted the fascistic agenda called the Utopia Program. During the Utopia Program the Squadron’s old enemies called the Institute of Evil got caught including and were ‘reprogrammed’ (basically brainwashed) to become good and productive citizens instead. One of the members of the Squadron, the genius dwarf named Tom Thumb, had invented a brain-washing machine called the Behaviour Modification Machine, to reform criminals into productive, law-obedient citizens. Through the correct techniques the victim of this machine could be programmed by any orders (Motivation or IAs in MEGS).

The former Squadron member Nighthawk, who also was the president of the USA, opposed the Utopia Program and left the group to fight against the Squadron instead. Nighthawk found other superpowered beings on the Earth who joined him in the group called the Redeemers, whose only goal was to defeat the Squadron in order to end the Utopia Program. At one point, Golden Archer proposed to Lady Lark who turned down his proposal and dediced to leave him instead. Archer, desperate, sneaked out one night, drugged Lady Lark, and used the Behaviour Modification Machine on Lady Lark so that she would love him with her whole body, mind and spirit. Another Squadron member, Blue Eagle, had become a good friend of Lady Lark, and saw the change in Lady Lark. He accused the Golden Archer of having used the Machine on Lady Lark in order to make her love him, and the Squadroner’s called Archer to the defence. Archer, ashamed and guilty, admitted to his sinful act and as a consequence had to leave the Squadron. Lady Lark, whose brainwashing couldn’t be undone, left the Squadron to try to track down the Archer also.

Archer joined his old friend Nighthawk in the Redeemers and changed his identity into that of the Black Archer. The Institution of Evil, now members of the Squadron, were un-brainwashed by their old foe Master Menace, after which they also joined the Redeemers. Working inside the Squadron as spies, some of the Redeemers put the Squadron in a situation in which they had to confront Nighthawk and remaining Redeemers. When the battle started the Squadron was really outnumbered by all the Redeemers (incl. the Institute of Evil) and a bloody battle started. Although attempts were made to avoid blodshed, the battle went completely out of hand and many members died on both sides. Black Archer was, ironically, killed, when he had saved his old friend Dr. Spectrum from a large fall, by the Blue Eagle who crushed his head with a mace. Eagle was himself killed when his ability to fly was stolen by Lamprey, and when he fell down on the Earth, landing on Pinball, braking Pinball’s spine and his own neck. The Squadroner’s stopped the Utopia Program after the many deaths the attack resulted in.

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