Identity: Carol Susan Jane Danvers

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Monstrous

Health 1180
Karma 115
Resources Excellent
Popularity 0


Transformation: Carol can transform herself into her Binary form at will. In this form, her personality, memories, ect. do not alter, only her appearance. Her skin turns deep red and her hair turns to cold flame. She cannot stay in this form indefinitely, but the length of time has yet to be determined. The length of time would depend on her expenditure of power (if she were to be used as a sort of living battery, her powers could be depleted in a matter of hours).
True Flight: Binary can convert her cosmic energy to enable her to fly at an Air Speed of CL3000. Because of an energy release when she does this, Binary may not fly faster than six areas per round when in a planetary atmosphere, as she could ignite the landscape or any organisms that live there. She has Monstrous Agility in flight. Her Strength is not lessened when flying.
Focused Energy Release: Binary can do many things by altering the focus of her cosmic energy release. She can emit and hear light, and the rest of the electro-magnetic spectrum as well as gravity. Whenever she wished to focus her cosmic energy and utilize it, she must make a Psyche FEAT roll. She may fire Monstrous intensity beams of heat, gravity/pressure, microwave, ect. up to 8 areas. In addition, she may perform any of the following power stunts:
Blasts (of identical energy forms as above) with six area radius which does Shift-Y damage (36 area radius in space or in air).
Light Burst (intense light waves) that can blind everyone in a 6 area adius for 1-10 rounds if they do not make an Endurance FEAT roll vs. Unearthly
Re-power any type of battery that is charged with electromagnetic energy. This ranges from hi-tech weapons to starship batteries. The amount of time required and the drain on her power is up to the Judge.
Energy Absorption: Binary has the ability to absorb various types of energy to fuel her metabolism or re-channel as attacks. She can absorb up to 500 points of energy to boost her strength or offensive energy powers to Shift-Z for 1 round, or heal up to 100 points of damage. She can absorb incoming energy attacks of up to Unearthly rank on a Green or better Intuition FEAT She requires a Yellow intuition FEAt to absorb the Shift ranks. If she fails, she is affected normally.
True Invulnerability : Binary’s altered genes and hybrid physiology grant her Monstrous protection vs Physical and Energy attacks.
Cosmic Perception: While she is in her Binary form, Carol has a CL1000 Psyche for the purposes of perception on a universal scale. This means she has heightened perceptions concerning the flux of energy used in the space around her. If on a planet, she can detect the use of any energy, dimensional apertures, stargates, etc. In space, she can detect warping starships, suns going nova, weapons beyond sight, ect. This does not mean that she knows how the specific energy is used, but she can tell its level and its general purpose (dimensional travel, high intensity weapon, etc.)
Alter Ego: In her human form, Carol has the following stats:


Martial Arts A B E, Military, Pilot, Detective/Espionage, Journalism, Aerial Combat


Avengers, X-Men, SHIELD, NASA, Starjammers


See Warbird

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