Big Barda

Barda Free

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Amazing
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 215
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity 20


Hyper-Running: Incredible
Body Resistance: Good


Battle Armor: Barda wears another product of advanced Apokolipsian technology. When it is not being worn, the armor automatically phases into another dimension. She can summon the armor to appear and cause it to instantaneously form about her person. The armor is made from Unearthly strength material and provides Amazing reistance to physical and energy damage.
Mega-Rod: Made from Unearthly strength material the Mega-Rod draws the energies it needs to operate directly from its user’s will. The Rod’s energy blast power is directly linked to twice the user’s Psyche. The Rod’s powers are limited to Unearthly rank.
Energy Blast: Psyche X2
Flight: Psyche
Gravity Manipulation – Increase: Psyche
Dimension Travel: When the rod is fully charged with X-Element, it is capable of opening Boom Tubes at Class 5000 rank and travel to or from Apokolips.


Engineering, Military, Weapons Specialist- Mega-Rod, Apokolips Weaponry, Vehicles


Apokolips Underground, Mister Free, Justice League


Big Barda was born of the race of New Gods about 250 years ago, on the hell planet called Apokolips. She is a product of Granny Goodness’s Home for Orphaned Youth, where the motto is “Die for Darkseid” (the planet’s evil ruler). Barda was trained by Granny herself. A sadistic old crone, Granny knew the value of discipline by using punishment and total obedience as training methods. It was not long before Barda became the leader of the Female Fury Battalion, a group of women warriors who did Granny’s bidding. During one raid, Barda met Scott Free, one of Darkseid’s Elite Stormtroopers. She sensed a sort of peace about him and soon fell in love.

She could not forget him and, when the time came, she risked her own safety to help Scott escape from Apokolips. Eventually, Barda turned her back on Granny and came to Earth herself. Scott had become an escape artist called Mister Miracle and teamed with Oberon, his diminutive manager. Scott and Barda were soon married by Scott’s father, the Highfather of New Genesis.

For a number of years, Barda followed Scott and Oberon on tour as Mister Miracle. They eventually decided to give up that lifestyle and try to lead a normal existence in Bailey, New Hampshire. Disasters plagued them constantly, so Barda, Scott, and Oberon finally left Baily and moved to a loft in Greenwich Village, New York. There Barda helped form a defense-training program for women called the New Female Furies. During this time, Barda was kidnapped along with Superman by Sleez. Sleez mind-controlled them and nearly forced the two to perform in an adult film. They were rescued by Mr. Miracle.

Though she came to Earth naive to its customs, she relishes her roles of wife and housekeeper. But when duty calls she never hesitates to assume the posture of a warrior. When Scott’s joined the new Justice League, Barda participated in a few missions as well. After his time with the JLI was over, they left Earth for New Genesis. As ever, they soon returned to Earth and took up a temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge. The couple underwent a brief separation due to Scott’s lack of consideration for her feelings.

Next it was Barda’s turn to join the Justice League. She and fellow New God Orion were sent as agents of New Genesis to serve in the JLA. Their mission was to help mobilize Earth’s heroes against the coming of the omnipotent Mageddon. Once Mageddon was defeated, she and Orion resigned from the JLA. Barda and Scott currently reside on Earth and they are active in adventuring.

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