Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Excellent
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Unearthly

Health 160
Karma 150
Resources Incredible
Popularity -20


Invulnerability: Remarkable resistance against physical and energy damage. In addition all edged attacks are considered blunt with the exception of his own sword and the Soulsword. When struck by either of these Belasco must make a Yellow Endurance FEAT. If he fails the check he suffers full damage and looses 1 rank of Endurance and Psyche to a minimum of Poor.


Belasco is a Master Sorcerer with most of the spells available at Incredible level. Other spells include:

Imitation: Amazing
Mind Control: Monstrous
Psi-Screen: Monstrous
Magic Detection: Monstrous
Body Transformation- Others: Monstrous
Eldritch Bolts: Amazing
Ensnaring: Monstrous
Fire Control: Amazing
Resurrection: Amazing


Sword: This magical sword is made of Unearthly material and inflicts Remarkable edged damage. Magic users must make a Psyche FEAT or be unable to cast for 1d10 rounds after being hit by the sword. Regeneration is only half effective against the sword.


Belasco misses his right arm.


Mystic Origin, Atlantean Technology, Swords




According to some accounts, Belasco was a sorcerer in 13th century Italy who used his knowledge of alchemy and black magic to contact the so-called Elder Gods, extradimensional beings bent on invading and dominating Earth. He struck a bargain with them: he would enable their passage into the Earth dimension via a spell using mystical bloodstones, in exchange for them granting him immortality and unbelievable powers. The Elder Gods designated Belasco, the father of a new race of demons, and made him partially demonic.

Next, as other accounts state, Belasco kidnapped Beatrice, the lover of the poet Dante Alighieri, to be the mother of his new demon race. They fled aboard a ship pursued by Dante and landed in Pangea, formerly settled by Atlanteans before Atlantis’ cataclysm. By this time, Beatrice was in her ninth month of pregnancy. After a grueling chase to the center of an exhibit which the Atlanteans designed for their own amusement to resemble Hell, Beatrice died while giving birth. Dante attacked Belasco, and during the fight, Belasco broke an overhead pipe, releasing a freezing liquid on himself. He entered a state of suspended animation, remaining thus for centuries. In more recent times, nearby volcanic activity melted the liquid and returned to life. (These accounts may be wrong, in that Belasco may have created the Hellish exhibit himself and that these accounts conceal the loss of his right arm.)

The next known activity of Belasco centers around his obtaining a locket that would enable him to bring the Elder Gods to Earth. He attempted to make the heroine known as Shanna the She-Devil as his next mother of his new race of demons, but she was rescued by the jungle warrior Ka-zar. As retribution, the Elder Gods banished Belasco to an extradimensional Limbo.

Belasco eventually became absolute master of the Limbo dimension. He encountered Illyana Rasputin, the mutant named Magick, whose teleportation power enabled her to enter Limbo. Belasco taught Magick true magic abilities, until she rebelled against him, claiming the leadership of Limbo for herself.

Belasco later tried to manipulate events in Limbo to facilitate his release, but was defeated by Ka-zar and Shanna once again.

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