Identity: Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy

Fighting Incredible
Agility Amazing
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Incredible
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 160
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity 5


Climbing: Incredible
Feet: Uses as hands, +1CS wrestling
Hyper Running : Remarkable speed
Balance: fall up to 30′ without damage
Hyper Leaping: Remarkable
“Banked Shot”: Remarkable dodging when making an Incredible charge attack


Biochemistry, Genetics, Electronics, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Martial Arts C, Multi-Lingual(almost all)


X-Men, Avengers


Henry McCoy was one of Professor X’s first recruits for his School of Gifted Youngsters and thus his X-men. Taking his code-name from his somewhat freakish appearance, the Beast remained with the X-men for quite some time, and began his prodigious scientific education.

With the original students’ battle with the island monster Krakoa and their rescue by a new team of X-men, Hank left with the rest of the original team, taking a job soon after at a biological research facility, researching mutation. While working late at night, Hank witnessed a break-in at the lab, and seeing no other recourse, subjected himself to his own experiments, gaining an even more freakish appearance with blue fur, fangs and claws. He quickly defeated his opponent, but seemingly left himself permanently changed.

Soon after, the Beast joined the Avengers, and served them for a long tenure, gaining friendship with many, especially Wonder Man. Later, however, during a membership shake-up, the Beast elected to depart, and soon found himself and his former teammate, the Angel, leading the Defenders. Again a part of a long tenure, the Beast left the Defenders right before they broke up, but soon met and worked with Dr. Maddicks, father of the mutant Artie, whose research into mutation, when combined with Hank’s own, allowed the Beast to return to his former appearance.

The Beast found himself contacted by the other original X-men to form a new team, X-factor. During a later adventure, however, the Beast was infected by the mutant Pestilence (working on behalf of the villain Apocalypse) with a disease that would increase Hank’s strength with each use, but at the same time lower his intelligence. Hank never stopped adventuring, however, and soon found himself stronger than ever, but his intelligence regressed almost to the point of childhood. With Iceman’s encounter with the villain Infectia, however, the Beast seemingly sacrificed himself and received a mutagenic kiss from Infectia. Incapacitated, the two “diseases” racked his body for some time, before returning him to his blue-furred and even more powerful body.

The Beast served in this capacity through the rest of his time with X-factor, but soon returned, along with his original teammates, to the X-men fold. Serving with the X-men’s “Blue Team” for a while, the Beast semi-retired from full time adventuring to help with finding a cure for the Legacy Virus. When needed, Beast was also on hand to aide his fellow Avengers in times of crisis, or, in the case of his friend Wonder Man, in times of fellowship.

Beast continues to adventure alongside his X-men teammates.

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