Bruce Wayne

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 140
Karma 130
Resources Monstrous
Popularity 50 as Batman / 10 as Wayne


The following should not be considered a power as it falls more under the auspice of “Training”.

Stealth: Excellent

Uniform: The Batman costume is made of Nomex fire-resistant material and lined with triple-weave Kevlar. His cape is also made of Nomex and triple-weave Kevlar, and its points are weighted for use as an offensive weapon (Excellent damage). The suit provides: Excellent Body Armor vs. physical attacks Good vs. energy attacks.
Batman’s cowl is a Kevlar-lined helmet with aramid-fiber and exotic-metal threads. Built into the cowl in the forehead, between the eyes, and across the throat are trauma plates for extra protection, impact dissipation, and edged weapon attenuation. The suit is electronically cooled and contains:
Starlite nightvision lenses that collects & focuses ambient light, permitting normal vision in any are not completely devoid of light (Remarkable Ultra-vision),
A radio receiver/transceiver,
An audio processor with voice command equipment,
A field of view display projector
An inertial GPS system
The costume also has a taser built into hit, which delivers a Excellent, low-amperage electrical shock to anyone who comes into contact with it. This taser is good for one use before needing recharging.
Utility Belt: As Batman, he never goes into action without his utility belt. Equipped with eight pockets of varying size. Failsafe in the belt will cause it to explode (Remarkable damage) and be completely destroyed should the buckle or pouches be opened incorrectly. The utility belt contains a wide array of devices such as:
De-Cel Monofilament Jumpline: Slows user’s fall the further he descends. Remarkable strength, supports 400 lbs. indefinitely and 800 lbs. for shorter periods.
Launching Grappling Hook: Fires a hook that snaps open after firing and clamps shut once the button at its joint hits its target. Contains 200 ft. of de-cel cord (above). Wall Penetrating Grappel: Fires diamond-bit piercing darts that can attach to up to Remarkable materials. Contains 200 ft. of thermoplastic line (Incredible strength, can support up to 600 lbs.).
Multifunction Binoculars: Magnifies up to 60 times. Equipped with infrared and limited ultraviolet imaging (-2 CS to darkness modifiers), as well as frame capture, stop-motion camera, and computer uplink. Can be handheld or attached to Batman’s cowl by electrostatic clips.
Fingerlight: Small flashlight that clips onto one finger. Negates all modifiers from darkness. Can project white, red, or infrared light.
Nerveagent Rated Gas Mask: Contains pullout face protector that seals itself over the nose and mouth opening in Batman’s cowl. Allows for normal operation when exposed to nuclear, chemical, and biological toxins, and all forms of nerve gas.
Conventional Gas Mask: Allows for freedom of operation under exposure to any airborne noncontact toxins. Normally always carried in magazines of six.
Rebreather: Provides oxygen for 2 hrs.
Pellet Grenades: Can be strung together with bungee-prima cord (below). Can be attached to surfaces with an internal contact cement reservoir or thrown for a 5-sec. delay. Remarkable EA damage, 12-ft. blast radius.
Concussion Grenades: Can be set for explosive or flash-bang detonation and for a delay of 3 sec. to 40 min. Can also be set off by radio remote. Remarkable EA damage, 12 ft. blast radius.
Bungee-Prima Cord: Ropelike explosive normally used to link larger charges. Must be set off by a separate charge. 6 ft. blast radius, Good EA damage.
Universal Tool: Used to aid in electronics work. Tip contains various Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, wrenches, lockpicking device, drill bits, and other implements. Inside the base are full lineman’s kit, multiline analyzers, cellphone analyzers, and other electrical analysis gear. Can record and play back audio and video signals. Tool can be safely used as a hammer.
Aerosol Sprays:
Rapid Room-Filling Fogger: Fills an entire area with Remarkable intensity fog for 10 rounds. Single-use only.
Infrared Paint Marker: Contains 8 oz. of paint, virtually invisible unless looked at through infrared optics.
Foaming Explosive: Contains 8 oz., detonates when charged electrically. Incredible Edged Attack damage.
Electronic Device Freezer: Disables electronics for 10 min.
Quick-Acting Knockout: Renders targets unconscious for 3 hrs. and without memory of the 5 min. preceding exposure unless Incredible Endurance FEAT is made
Tracer Devices:
Burr: Just over an inch wide, attached by foil spring snags on each of its four corners. One-month battery life, 1,500-ft. range
Throwing: Less than an inch in diameter, 3-mile range.
Batcuffs: Based on police-issue Ty-Cuffs, these restraint devices are made of sapphire-impregnated nylon with a stranded metal cable center.Considered to have Remarkable material strength.
Folding Batarang: Good Blunt Throwing damage. Four may be folded and carried in a single belt pouch.
Close-Quarters Impact Batarang: Excellent Blunt Throwing damage, half standard throwing range.
Hard Impact Edge Batarang: Excellent Blunt Throwing damage.
Cutting Edge Batarang: Remarkable Edged Throwing damage.
Radio-Controlled Batarang: Excellent Blunt Throwing damage, can be radio-controlled by device on utility belt (+3 CS to accuracy FEATs).
Mini Computer: 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 in. in size. Operates as a standard personal computer in game terms. Equipped with fax modem, GPS system, and minidisk rewritable drive. Can be used to remote-control the Batmobile.
Knockout Gas: Remarkable intensity, 1-area radius. Those in the affected area must make Endurance FEAT or pass out for 2 hrs. and lose their memory of the 5 min. preceding exposure.
Regurgitive: Excellent intensity, 1-area radius. Those in the affected area must make Endurance FEAT or become violently ill for 10 rounds.
Smoke: Excellent intensity, 1-area radius. All in the affected area at -2 CS to performing actions.
Tear Gas: Excellent intensity, 1-area radius. Must make Endurance FEAT or be unable to perform any action until one round after leaving the affected area or 15 minutes (10 minutes if outdoors or in a windy area), whichever comes first.
Crime Scene Investigation Kit: Contains sample bags, blood-drying bags, fingerprinting kit, odor-analyzing chromatograph, independent detachable video camera. Linked directly to Batman’s uniform, the Batmobile, and the Batcave computer.
Taser: Delivers Amazing electrical jolts.
Subsonic Bat Call: Attracts all bats within a 10-mile radius.
Incidentals (normally always carried): Keys, money, lockpicks, first aid kit, mini-cellphone, antitoxin assortment, signal flares, wireless listening devices, small halogen flashlight.
The Batmobile: His primary mode of transportation is the sleek and silent Batmobile. The current Batmobile uses one of Bruce Wayne’s sportscars a a basis and then redesigning it completely. The body is an advanced plastic/polymer composite with Amazing damage resistant properties. The windows are all bulletproof, polarized one-way glass, and the mirrors, headlights, and taillights are all bulletproof. The tires are self-sealing (two turns to seal and re-inflate, five to replace completely). The Batmobile has an internal computer that allows for limited voice-activated controls. It also has an internal navigation system with global positioning system hookup, video and radio receivers/transceivers, scanner set to monitor police, fire, medical, and military emergency frequencies at all times, and a satellite hookup to the mainframe in the Batcave. Room for 1 passenger, 6 cubic feet of cargo capacity, Speed 162 mph.

The current Batmobile is a low slung two-seater sportscar roughly the size of a .1985 Corvette. The headlights, located in the hood, contain powerful lasers, useful for disabling getaway cars or for vaporizing the occasional road hazzard left by criminals. The body of the automobile and dual-bubble windscreen are coated with a unique bullet-proof ceramic. The exhaust sytem allows for smokescreen generation. A microwave-linked terminal allows Batman access to the Bat-Computer. The batmobile is also capable of off-road movement.

Control Speed Body Protection
Remarkable Unearthly Remarkable Remarkable
Smokescreen: (from rear exhaust) of Excellent rank and intensity.
Laser-Beam Headlights: causes Remarkable damage at a 5 area range.
Portable-Lab (in trunk): Allows for Excellent rank chemical analysis.
On-board computer: Excellent infomation storage/analysis/retrieval with satellite linkup to Batcave mainframe .
Radio-Telephone: Excellent range, has direct link-up to Gotham City PD.
Ejection Seats: Allows for Remarkable rank leap.
Snow Tires: allows Remarkable rank traction in snow and ice.
May be self-sealed (security mode) with bands of steel-alloy and wheel-sheaths allowing Amazing rank protection from outside forces.
Self-sealing/inflating tires: two rounds to seal and reinflate in case of a blowout
Limited voice-controlled driving either while in car or via remote
GPS system (+2CS to Navigation)
Bulletproof windows, headlights, taillights, and mirrors
Multi-band scanner
Audio and video transceivers

The Batwing: The current Bat-Wing is the latest in a long line of planes. This one is a customized F-4 Phantom that has VTOL capabilities. It is capable of vertical take off and landing and silent running. In addition to its two man crew, the Bat-Wing can carry 25,000 pounds of ordinance on it’s wing pylons. The Bat-wing is armed with various weapondry, making it one of the most formidiable aircraft in the skies. An on-board terminal access the BatComputer via microwave link.
Control Speed Body Protection
Remarkable Incredible Remarkable Excellent
Missiles- 10 missles (Sin each wing), 20 area range, Incredible explosive damage.
Wing-Mounted Machine Guns- 15 area range, causes Remarkable damage.

The Batboat: The Batboat, amodified two seat hydrofoil, is one of the world’s fastest small warships, capable of speeds over 100 MPH. Its radar/sonar sytem is is coated with the same bulletproof ceramic that protects the Batmobile. It also shares the microwave link with the BatComputer.
Control Speed Body Protection
Excellent Remarkable Excellent Excellent
Bat-Torpedos: 10 area range, Remarkable rank sonar/radar tracking, Incredible explosive damage. Radar/Sonar: Remarkable rank and range.
Ejection Seat: allows a Remarkable rank leap.
The Batboat also has full scuba and underwater gear onboard.

The Batcycle
A modified heavy-duty motorcycle capable of high speeds. It also has a microwave link to the BatComputer. Batman sometimes uses this silent-running bike in his missions.








Snow Tires- alows Remarkable rank traction in snow and ice.
Batman also wears a helmet when riding this cycle that lessens the damage from impacts by -1CS.


Martial Arts A,B,C,D,E, Wrestling, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Detective(+3CS), Disquise/Actor, Resist Domination, Marksman, Weaponsmaster, Weapon Specialist: Batweapons, Computers, Forensics, Psychology, Kit bashing, Pilot: Helicopters to Jet Fighters, Horsemanship, Escape Artist, Leadership, Tracking, Medicine, First-Aid, Law, Law-Enforcement, Criminology, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Computer Engineer, Electronics, Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Filipino, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, German, Latin, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese


Alfred Pennyworth, Barbara Gordon (Oracle), Gotham City P.D./Prison/University, Richard Grayson, Tim Drake, The Justice League of America, Azreal, Arkham Asylum


Gotham City was founded in 1635 by a Swedish mercenary Captain Jon Logerquist with a hand full of colonists that fled the religious wars that were ravaging Europe. The original settlement was named Fort Adolphus after a famous general. Later the fort was ceded to the British (who renamed it Gotham City) and during the revolutionary war as many Tories as Rebels lived there.

During 1779 a rebel raid on the Gotham Armoury was saved from a British ambush by merchant Darius Wayne. He was initially captured, and was sentenced to hang until Rebel forces took the city. As a reward he was given a large parcel on land in the Bristol area which is the present site of Wayne Manor. In the years that followed Gotham grew as a major industrial centre making it the leading financial centre in North America by the turn of the century.

With the invention of the automobile Gotham began to decline as trade moved away from it’s railroads and ports. The Great Depression further hit the once great city forcing it into a slide behind such cities as New York and Metropolis. This environment began a slide of corruption and crime that slowly began to over take the citizens of Gotham. Crimelords began to move in and take over the city. This tide was held back for a time by such people as first Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Black Canary I and the brutal Reaper.

Once prosperous areas fell into decline and the slum of Crime Ally was created. Corruption reached to the highest levels of the police force with Commissioner Loeb. The entire city was in a state of decay, with no hope or future out of the cycle of unending crime.

Young Bruce Wayne was the only son of prominent Gotham City doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne. Two events in his childhood forever scared the future of Bruce. The first was when he accidentally fell through a hole in the grounds of his ancestral home Wayne Manor and found himself in a cave system that ran under the house full of bats. For years afterwards Bruce would catch sight of one particularly large bat over and over again.

The second and most tragic event happened just after the family had left a showing of the classic film “The Mark of Zorro” at the cinema and was walking back to their home. They were confronted by a mugger who demanded that they handed over their valuables. Thomas Wayne put up a struggle and in the process he and his wife was shot dead. The mugger ran off leaving the shocked Bruce alone with the bodies of his dead parents. First on the scene was physician Leslie Thompkins who sought to look after Bruce.

Thomas’s brother Phil Wayne was named Bruce’s guardian and with the help of Thompkins and the family butler Alfred Pennyworth they raised him as best they could. For days after the funeral Bruce was unsettled, it came to a head one night when he ran to his parents grave and swore his vengeance on the criminal world. On that night Bruce Wayne died and the Batman was born.

Bruce put his utmost into his school work and upon graduation he left the US to travel the world learning from the brightest and the best in each field of speciality. He also travelled to remote schools on the far east and studied for years under the masters of the various martial arts. Upon returning to the United States, he set out on a fact finding mission into the depraved parts of Gotham’s seedier districts to see how the criminal element had evolved. While there he became involved in a street brawl where he was seriously injured. He managed to make his way back to Wayne Manor and slumped in his study slowly bleeding he considered the situation. He was injured because the local criminals would not fear him as plain common man on the street, yet his father always maintained that criminals were a superstitious and cowardly lot. He needed to make them fear but how?

It was then at that instance that the large bat that had frightened him years ago flew in through the window, through his weakened state from the bleeding the answer was obvious. “Yes father. I shall become a bat!” It was then that the true idea of the Batman formed in Bruce’s mind.

With the help of Alfred, Bruce dynamited a path from the house down to the massive caverns beneath, from there he began planning and designing the weaponry and costume that would give him the edge against the criminals and would instil terror upon sight. Before long GCPD began to receive reports of a large bat shaped creature attacking and harrying the local hoods and criminals. The corrupt police force at that time sought to hunt down the Batman but one lone lieutenant by the name of James Gordon who was one of the few straight cops began a long running professional relationship with the Batman that would lead to the down fall of the corrupt police commissioner and Gordon advancing to the rank of Captain.

Rapidly Batman started to grow more professional and competent, he became the focus of the fight against crime in Gotham and acted as a catalyst for the emergence of a string of similar vigilantes across the US such as the second Black Canary, that took their lead from the human figure in the night rather than the superhuman figure of Superman. Always operating on the edge of the law and inside of it when possible it was not long before Batman clashed intellects with the figure that would become his arch enemy and one of the most deadly criminals in the world – the Joker. Also about this time Batman started to run into the mysterious Catwoman, while there was an attraction between them neither would admit to it and remained on opposite sides of the law.

In the second year of his career Batman faced the Reaper who had returned to Gotham City and sought to kill criminals whereas the Batman would seek to hand them over to the police. The following year proved to be a turning point in the Batman’s career when he teamed up with the orphaned circus acrobat Dick Grayson who became the first Robin and the sidekick of Batman.

The next couple of years after the first appearance of Robin were a dramatic change of direction for the Batman who had previously spent most of his time fighting normal criminals but now he faced an entire pantheon of sociopathic criminals such as the Penguin, Riddler, the Scarecrow and the femme fatale Poison Ivy. Shortly after Dick Grayson left for collage (and began spending more time with the Teen Titans) Batman transferred his operation temporally to a penthouse in the city above the Wayne Foundation headquarters, it was during this time that Batman would first encounter Talia daughter of Ra’s Al-Ghul a six hundred year old criminal mastermind who sought to rid the natural world of the infestation of mankind. There is a definitive romantic element between Bruce and Talia but she is so devoted to her father then nothing ever becomes of it. Ra’s and Batman respect each other and Ra’s has even asked Batman to join him, but Bruce’s dedication to the law has meant that he has at times had to thwart Ra’s’ plans despite working with him against common enemies at other times.

The pairing of Batman and Robin was occasionally helped by a growing circle of other heroes that Batman tolerated/recognised such as Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon) and the Outsiders, a superhero team that Batman was instrumental in creating. Shortly afterwards Batman and Robin split over a philosophical dispute (the criminals were getting more dangerous and Batman did not want to endanger Robin anymore than he had to). Robin changed his identity to Nightwing and returned to his position as leader of the Titans.

The Batman for a time operated with a second Robin, a young street kid by the name of Jason Todd whose father had been killed by Two Face, a fact that Batman kept from him for a period of time. Todd was more rebellious than Grayson and had a lot of misdirected anger than Bruce tried to channel into crimefighting. It reached the point where Todd was grounded by Wayne rather than let this hothead loose in the deadly world of Gotham City. Shortly afterwards Todd was murdered by the Joker while looking for his natural mother (who was also murdered at the same time) he never knew he had.

The loss of Todd turned the Batman into a darker figure than ever, he dived into his work returning to the solitary figure that he was before he teamed up with a sidekick. During this period the Batman developed a second wave of enemies such as the Ventriloquist and Kadver, he also took in a tragic figure called Harold once the armour for the Penguin he now works in the Batcave designing and up keeping much of the Batman’s weaponry. The dark drive of the Batman was noticed by young Tim Drake, a boy that had actually managed to work out Batman’s secret identity via close observation of the gymnastic abilities of Robin I (Tim had been watching the circus the day that Dick’s parents were murdered). Tim set out to try and convince Dick that he should return to being Robin because Batman needed a stablising presence, someone for him to watch out for. In the process Tim accidentally became the third Robin.

Refusing to make previous mistakes the Batman insisted that Tim train with the same people that taught himself, Tim also studied under some that Batman had never encountered. The result was the third Robin who is much nearer Batman’s own abilities than that of the second and perhaps even the first.

Batman faced the toughest moment of his career when already pushed to the limit by a mass breakout of Arkham Asylum and then had to face the massively powerful Bane who broke Bruce’s back. While Bruce recovered from his injuries Azrael took over the mantel of the Batman however his mental conditioning started to kick in and made him more and more unstable to the point where he was on the edge of executing criminals. It was at this stage the Bruce managed to take back the mantel by taking down Azrael.

Now back as Batman full time Bruce has started to date radio personality Vesper Fairchild. As the Batman he has also started working with more heroes again developing quite a circle of vigilantes in and around Gotham including Robin III, the Huntress II, Nightwing, Azrael II, sometimes the Catwoman and Oracle (the former Batgirl). The Batman also serves as an adviser and occasional active member of the new JLA.

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