Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Incredible
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 210
Karma 130
Resources Amazing
Popularity 10


Disintegration: Bastion is able to fire a disintegration beam at Amazing rank that ignores Body Armor but not Force Fields.
Energy Beams: Bastion can emit various beams of destruction within the electromagnetic spectrum with Monstrous ability and a 10 area range.
Mutant Detection: Bastion has the Monstrous ability to psychically detect mutants.
Danger Sense: Bastion has a pre-cognitive danger sense that alerts him of danger at Incredible rank. He cannot be blindsided.
Computer Link: Bastion is able to “telepathically” access computers with Unearthly ability.
Psi-Immunity: Bastion does not have a presence on the psychic plane and can therefore not be controlled, attacked or contacted telepathically, Mental force attacks will work normally.
Shapechanging: Bastion is able to control his outward appearance. He can mimic human forms with Amazing ability.
Elongation: Remarkable
True Invulnerability: Remarkable resistance to damage.
Regeneration /Recovery: Bastion is able to regain health by converting living, organic objects into a techno-organic form. He regains health equal to the material strength or the health of the target. He does this with Monstrous ability.
True Flight: Bastion is capable of of flight attaining a maximum of Unearthly airspeed.


Leadership, Computer, Electronics, Bionics, Robotics, Pilot, Repair/Tinker


Bastion possesses a vast network of informants, spies and contacts in government, military and businesses. Friends of Humanity, Operation: Zero Tolerance, Humanity’s Last Stand


The man known as Bastion is actually the reincarnation of two separate entities. One is the original, mutant-hunting robot Sentinel known as Master Mold and the other, his extreme from an alternate future, the ultimate Sentinel, Nimrod. A component of Master Mold was activated by contact with Nimrod. Using Nimrod’s body and materials from a construction site as his own body, the Master Mold sought out the mutant heroes X-Men. The X-Men defeated the robot by pushing its body through the mystical portal known as the Siege Perilous, with presumably help from Nimrod, who influenced Master Mold into thinking itself as a mutant and therefore a thing needing to be destroyed.

The Siege Perilous presumably judged the combined entities, and Nimrod and the Master Mold were recreated as a human. The early history of Bastion remains unrevealed, but it is known that he spent years being brought up by the Rose. Bastion nevertheless held a deep resentment for mutants, and decided to dedicate his life to anti-mutant causes. Bastion entered politics, and after many years rose to a position leading Operation: Zero Tolerance, a variation of the original Sentinel-building program on behalf of the United States government.

After Zero Tolerance was shut down by S.H.I.E.L.D., Bastion was taken to the Helicarrier for study. He escaped, sporting new energy-blasting and flight abilities. He then returned to the old Zero tolerance base where he corrupted Machine Man’s programming, forcing him to fight Cable.

Bastion then combined with the Master Mold and apparently turned into Nimrod. Somehow, however, Bastion was apparently recaptured, reverted to his original appearance, and was the subject of further studies at the Hulkbuster base. This continued until Death III arrived to destroy the Mannites hiding there. Death also destroyed Bastion’s body. Left as a talking head, Bastion taunted the X-Men who came to investigate, and was left there when the base exploded. Weeks later, the villainous Mainspring’s Gatekeeper robots found Bastion’s head. However, Bastion’s advanced nanotech construction took
control of one of the robots and used it as its new body. When he got back to Mainspring, though, Mainspring was able to strip away the Bastion and Nimrod layers of programming to reveal the original Master Mold. Then Mainspring rewrote his new “Template’s” programming with the Transmode Virus. Template was sent to capture Warlock II and his friends on Muir Island and then to transmode the New York Stock Exchange. Unfortunately, his Phalanx programming was in control by now, and he built a new Babel Spire to signal the Technarch. Mainspring finally destroyed himself and the space station where he and Template were located, and Warlock managed to shut down the Babel Spire. However, if Template was a true Transmode being, he probably survived the station’s destruction.

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