Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo
Karl Amadeus Mordo

Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Amazing

Health 48
Karma 90
Resources Typical
Popularity -5



Baron Mordo has access to most magical powers and spells, including those of the Vishanti. He has minimum energy use for spells used for non-evil purposes. The following are magical abilities always available to him.

Astral Projection: Monstrous
Shield-Individual: Amazing
Telepathy: Unearthly
All other Personal spells he may use are of an Incredible power rank.
Conjure: Incredible
Eldritch Beams/Bolts: Amazing
Mesmerism: Monstrous
Necromancy: Incredible. Mordo can create zombies from the dead, as he once did with Lord Phyffe. These zombies’ stats are:
Fighting: Good
Agility: Typical
Strength: Good
Endurance: Poor
Reason: N/A
Intuition: N/A
Psyche: N/A
Health: 30
Zombies can either slugfest or use hand-held melee weapons. Mordo must make a power rank FEAT roll for every zombie he animates.
Teleportation: Unearthly

All other Universal spells he may use are of an Amazing power rank.
Demons and Chaos: Monstrous
Denak: Monstrous
Ikonn: Amazing
Mabdhara: Amazing
Satannish: Amazing
Valtorr: Incredible
All other Dimensional spells he may use are of an Amazing power rank.
Miscellaneous Spells
All Miscellaneous spells he may use are of an Incredible power rank


Occult Lore



Karl Mordo acquired an interest in the occult from his maternal grandfather, Viscout Crowler, at an early age. When he became an adult, Mordo sought out the mystic master known as the Ancient One in Tibet. The Ancient One recognized that Mordo had the innate ability to become a sorcerer of great power, but that Mordo was motivated solely by lust for power. The Ancient One decided to accept Mordo as a disciple in order to keep watch over him.

While still living at his mentor’s palace, Mordo plotted to destroy the Ancient One. Mordo’s schemes were overheard by the Ancient One’s guest, Dr. Stephen Strange, a jaded physician. Mordo placed mystical restraints on Strange that prevented him from telling the Ancient One of his plans. Strange, however, managed to escape by becoming the Ancient One’s disciple, who was aware of Mordo’s plans all along. Soon after, Mordo left the Ancient One and Strange.

Mordo gathered more and more mystical knowledge over the years, and remained a bitter foe of Strange, now Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth dimension. As such, the two have clashed repeatedly over the years. At one point, Mordo served the extradimensional entity known as Dormammu, seeking to amass more power for himself., although Dormammu was defeated by Strange.

Mordo remains obsessed with destroying Strange.

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