Identity: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 80
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity 6


True Flight: Aurora may fly at Shift-Z Speed. While in flight she has Good Body Armor.
Super-Speed: Monstrous, able to moves 3 areas a round. In addtion Aurora can perform the following:

Speed Offence: Multiple attacks with Shift-Z ability (Using her speed for Fighting rank)
Rapid attacks that inflict up to Incredible damage, ignoring Excellent body armor or less (only one roll is made to hit) to a target.
Speed Defence: One must make a Red FEAT to hit Aurora with anything other than an area or psychic attack. If Aurora is making multiple attacks against the same target, the FEAT is reduced to Yellow.
Invisibility by moving extremely fast, Red intuition FEAT to notice

Light Generation: Aurora is able to generate Monstrous intensity light. It seems she is now able to do it even without Northstar. Targets blinded by this light are -3CS on all FEATs for 1-10 rounds afterwards.
Non Detection: Aurora cannot be as a mutant, since those mental waves (psionic “signature” used by Professor Xavier, Cerebro, and Sentinals) are suppressed with Class 1000 ability. She registers as a normal human on mutant detectors.

Costume: Monstrous resistance to air friction and tearing.

Jeanne-Marie is a classic case or multiple personalities. Two distinct personalities have already appeared, and she is currenly manifesting a third. The original persona, Jeanne-Marie, is shy, reclusive, prim, stern, and speaks English with a heavy accent. Her Aurora personality is more agressive, fun-loving, and adventurous. Her current persona is a mixture of these two (and leans towards Aurora), but stress may result in switching personalities (Psyche FEAT to avoid this effect). Jeanne-Marie losses the use of her Powers for 1-10 rounds upon contact with her brother, Northstar.




Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight III, Core Alpha, Brotherhood, Headbangers, Weapon X Program III


Born in Canada, Beaubeir and her twin brother, Northstar, were serparated in infancy after their parents died in a car accident, and they both grew up without knowledge of the other. She was raised in a hyper-religious school in Quebec. Extremely nervous and introverted to the point of suicide, she then discovered her mutant powers of flight, believing them to be a miracle. Telling her story, Beaubeir was severly and inhumanly disciplined by her teachers. This incident began the schizophrenia she would suffer for the rest of her life– her primary personality of a prim and proper, repressed woman, and a second personality of an uninhibited extrovert. Both personalities strongly dislikes the other, and would switch in fear, despair, or severe stress.

Leaving school and learning of her acceptance as a schoolteacher, Beaubeir’s uninhibited personality exerted herself to revel in joy. She was attacked by muggers, however, and used her powers to defend herself. The mutant Wolverine witnessed this, and brought her join the Canadian hero, Guardian’s, Department H. Here, she was reunited her with her brother, and the two served on the superhero team Alpha Flight as Aurora and Northstar.

The extroverted Beaubeir personality reveled in the superhero aspect of her life, adventuring with Alpha Flight and having many affairs, including a long romantic relationship with fellow teammate Walter Langkowski (aka Sasquatch.) Langkowski, at Beaubeir’s request, performed an experiment that would negate the twin’s need for contact with each other to release their powers.

Later, an adventure brought Alpha Flight to contact the norse god of mischeif, Loki, who, for reasons of his own, led the Beaubeir twins to believe they were not mutants, but half-elves. Loki claimed that Beaubeir’s mental disfunction (and her brother’s current physical disease) was due to the broken gestalt that seperated their powers. Beaubeir used her power on Northstar, which seemed to cure his illness and leave herself powerless. Loki transported Beaubeir to a convent which helped her regain a healed psyche (and which led to a re-emerging of her powers)– merging the extroverted and introverted types into a superpowered religious devoutee. Beaubeir was asked to return to Alpha Flight to help rescue her brother, who was trapped in Asgard by Loki. The two remained with the team.

Later, Beaubier was captured by the supervillain Headlok, whose psychological torture brought back the split personalities she had before. Later still, she was abducted, presumably by the Canadian government, and freed by Havok during the point he was leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Havok brought Aurora to the extradimensional Dark Beast, who believed he may be able to cure Aurora once and for all.

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