Atomic Skull – Earth-211 (Deceased)

Identity: Albert Michaels
Origin: Mutant Induced
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Deceased

  • Fighting: Good 10
  • Agility: Amazing 50
  • Strength: Amazing 50
  • Endurance: Monstrous 75
  • Reason: Good 10
  • Intuition: Typical 6
  • Psyche: Excellent 20

Health: 185
Karma: 36
Initiative: 0


  • Atomic Brain Blast, Rank: Unearthly 100 energy.
    • Can fire up to three blasts per turn on a red feat, two blasts on a yellow feat and one on a green feat. If the result is white he is wracked by pain and cannot attack that turn.


  • Performer
  • Criminal
  • Business/Finance
  • Chemistry


  • Full Body 9-ply kevlar backed by Type C Beta Cloth with composite ceramic impact plates provides Remarkable protection from physical attacks.


Known Affiliations: AIM

Profession: Mercenary, Criminal

Albert Michaels was a brilliant but distinctly unfriendly scientist-administrator at S.T.A.R. Labs with a rare nervous system disorder that short-circuited the electrical impulses in his brain, creating painful and uncontrollable seizures. When he could not find a cure, he secretly contacted the criminal organization AIM, and they implanted him with a radium-powered device designed to harness his neural disorder into deadly atomic “brain-blasts” and enhance his physical abilities in exchange for him becoming their agent. However, these mental blasts were difficult to control and only made his condition worse, a situation he blamed on the Patriot after the Sentinel of Liberty captured the only AIM scientists that could have cured him. Swearing revenge, the he donned his distinctive yellow and green costume with its visored cowl-topped skull mask and eventually became the administrator of one of the AIM cells in the Mid-Western United States.

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