Peter Van Zante

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 80
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity -5


Psychokinesis: Monstrous ability to control water-based materials only, has following power stunts:

Tentacles: Amazing entrapment
Tidal Waves: Monstrous Force, 3 areas
Giant Fists: Raises Fighting up to Incredible rank, Health does not change
Geysers: Amazing Force, 1 area
Drain Water from body: Drains health from opponent and adds it to his own health, 20 points a round
Obedient Monsters: Able to create water creatures with Incredible physical (F,A,S,E) abilities. Such creatures inflict up to Incredible damage




Masters Of Evil


An American soldier fighting in Veit Nam, Peter van Zante was badly wounded and evacuated to a hospital ship where he was placed in an experimental life support unit. At the same time, a violent storm struck the ship, creating a power surge and allowing the support system to alter his metabolism, healing his wounds and giving him the ability to mentally control water.

After years of practice, van Zante was approached by a petty criminal called the Mole who convinced van Zante to become his partner on the west coast United States. Van Zante took the name Water Wizard, and began his career as a criminal.

He was soon contacted by the Los Angeles crime boss known as the Enforcer, who embroiled van Zante in a feud with Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider. After a series of defeats by Blaze as Ghost Rider, van Zante ditched the Enforcer and fled to Chicago, where he joined the sorcerer Moondark in another attack against Blaze. This time, van Zante was so seriously burned by the powers of Ghost Rider that he went into shock and was placed in a mental institution.

Van Zante was later freed by Blaze in order to help a town ravaged by drought, but he was then kidnapped by Arabian criminals. Working with these new employers, van Zante attacked rival oil companies, learning he could manipulate other liquids besides water. Van Zante was stopped by Blaze and the Arabian Knight.

Freed from custody by the criminal businessman, Justin Hammer, van Zante was employed to raid a rival business, owned by Tony Stark. Van Zante fled father than continue to battle Stark’s secret alter ego, Iron Man. Van Zante laid low for some time to avoid Hammer and the law, and was later targeted by the criminal-killer Scourge. This encounter left him shaken enough that he surrendered to Captain America.

When he got out of jail, van Zante was approached by the group of radical environmentalists known as Project: Earth. Taking the new code name Aqueduct to reflect mankind’s lack of ecological consciousness, van Zante joined Force of Nature, the superhuman terrorist extension of Project: Earth, perhaps recalling his previous experiences with oil companies and corrupt businesses. Force of Nature engaged in several ecological terrorist attacks, before being stopped by the fledgling superhero team, the New Warriors. Reprimanded to Brazilian custody, Aqueduct and the other Force of Nature members were freed by Project: Earth.

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