Identity: Wundarr

Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Typical
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Remarkable

Health 94
Karma 76
Resources Feeble
Popularity 10

Leaping: Wundarr can leap at Class 3000 rank.
Null Field:Aquarian’s body is constantly surrounded by a null field that absorbs all forms of energy (light, electricity, magnetism, radiation, sound, gravity etc.). This field reduces all attacks by 10CS.
Energy Absorption: Aquarian abosrbs energy at 1 point per round. Each time he uses his strength or leaping ability this reduces back to zero. If the total accumulated energy reaches 100, it is released in a massive, involuntary force blast of Unearthly against everything within 10 areas.


First Aid


Man Thing, Namorita, Thing, Captain America, Quasar, Shaper of Worlds


Wundarr was born on the planet Dakkam to the extremely humanoid-looking alien race native to the world. As an infant, Wundarr was placed inside a rocket and sent into space when his father incorrectly predicted a planet wide destruction. Sending the interstellar voyage in suspended animation, Wundarr eventually came within the gravitational influence of Earth and was bombarded by cosmic rays in Earth’s outer atmosphere. This radiation endowed him with certain superhuman physical powers. Crash-landing on Earth, Wundarr grew to maturity within the ship, having been released from suspended animation by the crash. Eventually he was set free by the Man-Thing. Due to his lack of experience and education, Wundarr acted mentally and emotionally retarded. For a brief time he was placed in the custody of the Thing, but Namorita “adopted” him shortly thereafter. Government agents learned of his superhuman abilities and illegal alien status and brought him to the government energy research facility, Project: Pegasus, for study.

Wundarr’s mild energy-dampening powers were used to probe the power object called the Cosmic Cube. In an accidental power overload, Wundarr’s mind and body were overwhelmed by the Cube’s energies. Consequently, Wundarr’s energy-dampening abilities were greatly heightened but his mind was shut down, as it was not yet able to cope with the influx of new power. In communion with the sentience of the Cosmic Cube, Wundarr gained great knowledge and a sense of purpose. Emerging from his coma, he renamed himself the Aquarian and set forth to use his new powers to bring peace and enlightenment to the world. He since helped the sentient life form in the Cosmic Cube metamorphose into its next state of being

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