Antman II

Identity: Scott Lang

Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 56
Karma 46
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 10

Antman II



Shrinking Gas: Gives Ant-Man Incredible ability to shrink with a minimum size of 1/2 inch
Bio-Electric Stingers: Amazing damage, 1 area

Resistance to blunt: Incredible
Insect & Non-Humanoid Communication: Incredible
Electric Shock: Excellent damage. Range 1 area
Jet Pack: Excellent Flight


Engineer, Computers, Martial Arts E


Heroes For Hire, Cassie Lang, Fantastic Four, Avengers


Scott Lang was an electronics expert who could not support his family doing repair work, so he turned his talents to burglary. Apprehended, he served his prison sentence and was paroled for good behavior. During his time in prison, however, his wife divorced him. Lang had furthered his studies of electronics while in prison and was soon hired by Stark International to work in its design department.

When his daughter was diagnosed as having a serious congenital heart condition, Land sought the aid of surgeon Dr. Erica Sondheim, whom he believed to have been held prisoner at Cross Technological Enterprises (CTE.) Desperate to help his daughter, Lang decided to restort to burglary. Breaking into the New Jersey home of Dr. Henry Pym, Lang stole his Ant-Man uniform and shrinking-gas canisters. Unknown to him, Pym observed the theft and in his guise as Yellowjacket, followed Lang, curious to see what use he would put the paraphernalia. Garbed as Ant-Man, Lang broke into Cross and discovered Dr. Sondheim was held prisoner by Darren Cross, (later, the supervillain Crossfire) president of CTE, who needed Sondheim to correct his own heart condition. Rescuing Sondheim and defeating Cross, Lang was relieved when Sondheim was able to save the life of his daughter.

Lang intended to return the Ant-Man costume to its owner and turn himself in, but Henry Pym offered to let him keep them, provided Lang put them to lawful use. Since that time, Lang had donned the Ant-Man costume on various occasions to assist heroes such as Iron Man, the Avengers, or the law, although he considers himself a part-time crime fighter. Often trying to keep his identity secret from his daughter, Cassie, Lang was relieved to known that she discovered his secret.

When Stark International was bought out by Stane International, Lang resigned out of respect to Tony Stark, the company’s former head (and secretly Iron Man.) Lang opened his own electronics business. Later, he temporarily gave up the business to be hired by the Fantastic Four when their scientist Reed Richards was missing for an extended period. He and Cassie lived at the Four’s headquarters during this time.

During a time when many of Earth’s heroes were believed dead after battling the psychic entity, Onslaught, Lang agreed to join the newly-reformed superteam Heroes for Hire. Lang returned to his electronics business when Heroes for Hire disbanded soon after Earth’s heroes returned.

Lang continues to aid his superpowered collegues as needed.

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