Blanche “Blondie” Sitznski

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 90
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity -8


Constriction: Anaconda’s legs and arms are capable of wrapping around an opponent and constricting. Anaconda receives a +1CS when making Grappling attacks, and inflicts Incredible damage. Anyone attempting to Escape the Grapple receives a -2CS.
Elongation: Anaconda can extend her arms and legs up to one and a half times their normal length.
Gills: Anaconda is equipped with artificial gills that allow her to breathe freely both above and below water.
Body Armor: Anaconda’s skin, toughened to resist ocean depths, provides Excellent protection from Physical attacks and Good from Energy attacks.




Serpent Squad III, Serpent Society, Taskmaster’s Academy, Six Pac


Anaconda was a former steelworker until executives at Roxxon Oil Company selected her to become a special agent in covert operations. She was already well adjusted to villainy, as she was the calisthenics instructor at Taskmaster’s Academy. It was there that she trained several women in hand-to-hand combat, most notably Diamondback and Snapdragon. She was eventually taken to Roxxon’s Mutagenic Laboratory and bioengineered to have various permanent serpentine features. Her entire skeletal structure was laced with an artificial adamantium, giving her the ability to elongate her arms, which she uses to constrict her enemies. She has also been surgically given gills, which allows her to breathe underwater.

Her first mission grouped her with three other snake-themed villains: Sidewinder, Black Mamba, and Death Adder. They were given the task to retrieve the Serpent Crown for the Roxxon company president, Hugh Jones. During the mission, the group came into conflict with the Fantastic Four’s Thing and the Inhuman Triton. Anaconda jumped at the opportunity to battle the Thing, and was able to apprehend him with ease. They found the Serpent Crown, but the Thing and Triton retaliated, defeating Anaconda, Black Mamba, and Death Adder and allowing Sidewinder to escape.

Anaconda broke her teammates out of prison using her brute strength, and they were sent on another mission — this time, to search for a powerful weapon known as the microscanner. After battling Iron Man, Anaconda and the others were defeated and presumably taken back to prison. Upon learning this, Sidewinder broke them out and invited them to join his new criminal organization, the Serpent Society. Anaconda eagerly accepted the offer in hopes of earning a healthy sum of money. At the orientation, Sidewinder grouped Anaconda together with the Cobra and the Rattler to perform an initiation test. Their job was to steal some equipment from the bankrupt Brand Corporation. Constrictor, annoyed with the whole idea of the Serpent Society, spied on Anaconda’s group and called the Avengers hotline to tip them off. Captain America showed up just as Anaconda and the others were pulling their heist, and Anaconda ordered Cobra and Rattler to return to Sidewinder with the apparatus. After a fierce battle with the former Avenger, Anaconda was able to wrap her arms around Captain America. She started to crush his bones, but one well-placed hit of his shield knocked her out, and she was taken to jail.

Teleported out by Sidewinder, Anaconda paid a visit to Constrictor, thoroughly thrashing him and leaving him for dead. Anaconda also participated in the mission to murder M.O.D.O.K., but was knocked out with a mind-blast early on in the fight. However, her teammates Cottonmouth and Death Adder were able to slaughter him, and Anaconda carried his corpse to A.I.M. for the large sum profit they were promised.

When Viper invaded the Serpent Society, Anaconda willingly switched sides and attacked Diamondback when she brought Captain America to help, but was defeated by Diamondback’s acid-tipped diamonds. Later, Cobra took over leadership and he an Anaconda had a mutual respect for each other, having worked together on many missions together in the past. Anaconda also took time out to help Diamondback’s date with Captain America (though she didn’t know it at the time) go smoothly. Upon learning that Diamondback knew the true identity of her sworn enemy, Captain America, Anaconda turned on Diamondback; when the group put Diamondback on trial for consorting with the enemy, Anaconda was among those who voted guilty.

Anaconda eventually became romantically involved with one of the new recruits, Puff Adder. They, along with Rock Python were sent to retrieve Diamondback, who had escaped her death sentence. They eventually crashed their Serpent Saucer into Diamondback’s apartment, where she, Black Mamba, and Asp were hiding out. The girls were easily taken out by Anaconda and her boys, but their kidnapping attempt was interrupted by an invitation to join Superia’s all-female villain group, the Femizons. Diamondback, Black Mamba, and Asp accepted, and reluctantly, Anaconda followed suit. While on Superia’s ship, Anaconda caused quite a ruckus with the villainess Quicksand. She also took part in the attack on Captain America and Paladin, but fled when the Femizons disbanded. She reappeared with the Serpent Society when undercover superhero Jack Flag attempted to join the group to replace a retired Cobra. Anaconda battled Jack Flag and his partner Free Spirit until Force Works showed up and put an end to the battle.

Much later, Anaconda took part in the Bloodsport tournament in hopes of winning the prize money. She easily took out her first opponent, Forearm, but got her neck slit by her second opponent, Puma. Her ability to heal quickly proved useful, as she survived the attack and returned to the Serpent Society for their mission to exact revenge on Diamondback once again. She then joined S.H.I.E.L.D.’s new espionage team, the Six Pack. She eventually turned on them, along with Constrictor, Solo, and Domino, to join forces with Cable, who was trying to create a sanctuary with his newfound powers. She was also warped into Cable’s mind, where she saved Cable’s life by grabbing onto him before he could get sucked into a techno organic virus. Presumably, she still works with the Six Pack.

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