American Eagle

American Eagle
Identity: Jason Strongbow
Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Amazing
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Good

Health 160
Karma 60
Resources Typical
Popularity 6

American Eagle

Enhanced Senses: Amazing
Lightning Speed: Good 4 areas per round, can run without tiring as if possessing Monstrous Endurance

Crossbow: has specially designed bolts that do Excellent blunt damage. He can fire up to six areas away; carries 15 bolts, one is connected to a 50′ line of Remarkable strength and can swing up to 3 areas on it.


Bows, Martial Arts E, speaks Navaho and English, receives a +1CS when dealing with Navaho Indian Lore.


Wyatt Wingfoot


Jason Strongbow, a representative of the Navaho tribe of Native Americans, attempted to stop a mining company from excavation a mountain sacred to the tribe by obtaining a court order. Failing in that, he led a peaceful protest group at the mining site. When the night watchman panicked and shot a protester, Strongbow followed him into the mine. There, he discovered that the mining company was in league with the criminal supervillain Klaw, who sought uranium found in the mine to fortify his sonic powers. Strongbow also discovered his brother, Ward, who did not share his ideas of preserving the tribal grounds, and an argument between them soon led to violence.

During their fight, Klaw appeared and blasted the brothers with his sonic blaster, causing a cave-in, and Klaw left them for dead, fleeing to the Savage Land to acquire the mineral vibranium. The bombardment of sonic energy and the exposure to an unknown isotope of uranium combined to mutagenically enhance the strength and senses of the Strongbow brothers. Ward left with Klaw, but Jason Strongbow remained buried under the rubble. Strongbow emerged from the mine and was hailed as a champion of his tribe. Taking the flight of an eagle nearby as an omen, Strongbow fashioned a costumed identity of the American Eagle.

Learning that his brother was in the Savage Land with Klaw, the American Eagle sent out in pursuit, soon finding himself in the company of the Savage Land protector Ka-Zar, the superhero Thing, and the Thing’s ally Wyatt Wingfoot. The four of them opposed and defeated Klaw. In the course of the battle, Ward Strongbow was killed by one of the miners’ bullets.

American Eagle remains with his people as their champion.

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