American Dream

American Dream
Identity: Shannon Carter
Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 20

American Dream



Armored Costume: Her costume provides Excellent protection against Physical, and Good against Energy
Shield: Belonging to a Captain America of another dimension, the shield is Class 3000 material, and can absorb up to 100 points of damage in a single round. The shield is virtually indestructible, and Shannon can also throw it up to 3 areas for Remarkable damage. She can attack up to 3 people with a successfull Agility FEAT or 5 with a yellow FEAT. By bouncing it of a number of hard surfaces he can make the shield return to him the next round.
Stun Disks: American Dream wears detachable steel alloy discs attached to her uniform. She can throw these discs as weapons with a 2 area range; these discs stun opponents for 1-10 rounds if they do not make an Endurance FEAT roll. If Endurance is less than Remarkable, a red FEAT is required. If Endurance is Remarkable, a yellow FEAT is required, and if greater than Remarkable, green is required. The Stun Disc’s may be bounced off 3 multiple targets to stun them and then rebound to Shannon’s hand.


Martial Arts A, B, C and E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Detective, Thrown Weapons, Leadership, Trivia-Avengers History


Avengers, Spidergirl


When Shannon Carter was young her parents were killed in a car accident and she was left in a wheel chair. She went to live with her father’s cousin Peggy Carter. Peggy used to work for the Avengers and told Shannon inspiring stories of Captain America and Peggy’s sister Sharon Carter. Shannon worked to overcome her injuries and regained use of her legs. She later trained as a gymnist and hoped to become a hero. She got a job as a tour guide at the Avengers headquarters after the team had disbanded. She was working on the day that the Avengers were reformed under Mainframe, J2, Stinger III and Thunderstrike II.

She decided to try out as an Avenger and put together a costume based on that of Captain America. With Bluestreak, Freebooter and the Crimson Curse she joined the Avengers as the American Dream. Along side the Avengers and the Coal Tiger she helped confront the Soldiers of the Serpent when they kidnapped Vibraxis.

American Dream was a member of the Avengers contingant that investigated the possible return of Doctor Doom to Latveria, only to discover it was actually Stinger III’s old love Kristoff Vernard.

American Dream was present when the Avengers headquarters was invaded by Argo, who wanted to try out as a member. When the Avengers learned that Argo was the son of the former Avenger Hercules, they looked into Hercules’ final mission as an Avenger, and discovered Hercules himself in hiding. Hercules had never recovered from the deaths of several Avengers on that last mission.

American Dream and the Avengers learned that the old Avengers last mission was to an alternate Earth. When they traveled there they discovered their world’s Captain America still there fighting a war against that world’s Doctor Doom, who ruled that world and wanted to expand to other Earths. While there American Dream lost her hair in a battle with the S.S. Agent (that world’s counterpart to the U.S. Agent), but she did gain possession of the shield of the Captain America native to that world, who had died long ago.

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