Air Walker

Air Walker
Identity: Gabriel Lan
Fighting Amazing
Agility Monstrous
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Amazing

Health 275
Karma 155
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0

Air Walker

Energy Conversion: The ability to gather, channel and manipulate vast quantities of Cosmic Energies with Monstrous ability within a 2000 miles range, Air Walker has the following power stunts:

Plasma Generation: Airwalker can emit Monstrous Intensity blasts of energy. They have power rank damage and range. The blasts also have side-effects that Airwalker can tailor to his wishes. These include:

Incredible intensity Light.
Incredible intensity Heat and Flame.
Incredible intensity Magnetism.
Incredible intensity Electricity
Geo-force: Remarkable

True Invulnerability: Airwalker’s body has Amazing resistance to physical and energy attacks; he can boost this to Monstrous rank for 1 -10 rounds once per day. He has Class 1000 resistance to extreme heat and cold.
Self-Sustenance: Airwalker can convert Cosmic radiation into life-sustaining energy, thus freeing him from the need to breathe, drink, or eat.
Energy Sheath: Airwalker’s back emits a coherent energy field that resembles a fiery cape or red and yellow wings. The “cape” has Typical intensity and Amazing material strength. It acts as a reservoir for Air-Walker’s cosmic power.
True Flight: Airwalker has Class 1000 speed.
Dimension Travel: At full speed, he can enter hyper-space and instantly appear anywhere in the universe.
Life Detection: He has Class 1000 range (5 light years).
Telepathy: Airwalker has Typical rank, enabling him to read a mind up to 4 areas away. If he was contacting Galactus, his rank increases to Class 55000.

Horn of Galactus: able to summon Galactus.

Note: After Air-Walker was killed Galactus created a replica robot to be his 3rd herald but he found something missing, a passion for the unknown space. The robot had the same abilities as Air-Walker but was -1CS without his cloak.


Leadership, Spacepilot




Gabriel Lan was the captain of the Xandarian explorer-ship Way-Opener, whose mission was to seek out and estabish peaceful relationships with neighboring alien civilizations. Lan had previously distinguished himself in Xandar’s military, The Nova Corps, and welcomed his appointment to an explorer-ship since he was filled with wanderlust and love of open space. Returning from his seven year tour of duty, Lan neared his home solar system when a spherical craft of an unidentified nature approached. A teleport-beam took Lan from the bridge of the Way-Opener and brought him aboard the spherical ship into the presence of the world-devourer Galactus. Galactus announced that he was looking for a new herald to replace the defected Silver Surfer, and having scanned Lan’s mind, deemed him an appropriate candidate. Hearing Galactus’s offer of vast power and unlimited travel, Lan readily accepted and was transfomed by a tiny fraction of Galactus’s cosmic might into the Air-Walker, second of Galactus’s great heralds.

Voluntarily putting all thought of his former life behind, the Air-Walker served Galactus faithfully for years, seeking out new worlds to suit his master’s appetites. He came to befriend Galactus, and would pass long hours listening to Galactus’s tales of the wonders and mysteries of the universe. One day after he had found a new world for Galactus to drain and was returning to Galactus’s ship to tell him of it, the Air-Walker saw a fleet of warships in battle formation approaching. The ships contained members of the Ovoids, a highly advanced civilization, who feared Galactus’s presence so close to their star system. The Air-Walker launched an attack on the Ovoid fleet and was struck down by Ovoidian weaponry designed to slay Galactus himself! Because Galactus was weak from hunger, he was unable to retaliate with full force and decided to retreat from that space sector. His power still at a low ebb, Galactus could not afford to give up any of his personal energy to resuscitate the dying spark of life in his faithful servant. However, once he had renewed himself, Galactus transferred the consciousness of the herald who laid down his life for him to a perfect robotic replica. Still, there was something intangible missing from the replica, a vitality, a passion for the mysteries of space that Galactus had liked in the original Air-Walker. Therefore, Galactus determined to dispatch the Air-Walker robot to Earth to reenlist his original herald, the Silver Surfer. The Surfer declined Galactus’s invitation, however, and in battle with his new messenger, desroyed the Air-Walker robot. Galactus grimly abandoned both the Surfer and the defective Air-Walker robot.

The Air-Walker robot was taken into custody by the robots of the machinesmith, who sought to repair the robot but could not understand his alien circuitry. The Machinesmith did manage to accidently activate the Air-Walker’s self-repair functions, however, and after several months, the Air-Walker regained its artificial consciousness. Seeking a rematch with The Silver Surfer, the Air-Walker instead attracted the attention of the thunder god Thor. Thor damaged the robot in battle, apparently destroying its self-repair circuitry. The Air-Walker’s remains were taken into custody by Galactus’s third herald, Firelord, a colleague and friend of Gabriel Lan, the original Air-Walker. Firelord buried the robot’s remains on an astroid in the Tranta system near Xandar, with a cosmic flame marking his grave.

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