AIM Security Operative

Origin: Normal Human
Ethnicity: Any

  • Fighting: Good 10
  • Agility: Good 10
  • Strength: Good 10
  • Endurance: Excellent 20
  • Reason: Typical 6
  • Intuition: Good 10
  • Psyche: Good 10

Health: 50
Karma: 26
Initiative: 0


  • None


  • Military
    • Guns
    • Explosives


  • AIM-Zytron-174; 500 Level A Haz-mat Underlay: Amazing protection from radiation, toxins, corrosives, fire& heat, electricity. Provides Amazing protection to senses.
  • AIM-IASGO-517 (Individual Armor System for Ground Operations) Body Armor provides Remarkable protection from physical attacks and Remarkable protection from energy attacks. Heavy weave causes -1cs to Agility and -1cs to Fighting when used.
  • AIM belt tool kit. Used to aid in electronics work. Contains various Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits and other implements. Inside the base are multi-line analyzers  and other electrical analysis gear.
  • AIM PP MK XI Standard Issue Plasma Pistol
    • Range: 5 areas
    • Normal Damage: Incredible 36 points, energy
    • Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round. 9 shots/Pack
    • May be fired with one hand. Excellent strength materials.
    • Unstable PPC core: On a roll of 1 the power-pack will overload the heat sinks and will hit critical mass within 1-10 rounds. At this point it will shutdown and dump the internal stabilization rods dealing 10 points of damage to anyone holding the weapon, roll as GD energy damage for intensity.
  • AIM A-1134  Gorgon Assault Rifle:
    • Range: 5 areas.
    • Normal damage: Incredible 36 points, energy
    • Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round. 20 bursts/clip.
    • Requires two hands to fire. Good strength material. A burst may hit up to three adjacent targets on a yellow FEAT roll.
One in every 5 man team carries one of the following:
  • AIM Stonewall 9000-T: Portable Tele-porter.
    • Medium size, requires 1 turn to set up.
    • Limited Battery, field consumes 1 energy charge/round, 5 energy charges/pack.
    • Can transport all matter in a 5 foot radius as Rank: Amazing Teleportation.
  • AIM A-920 Mako Gatling Laser:
    • Range: 10 Areas
    • Normal Damage: 46 points, energy
    • Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
    • Number of Shots: 20 bursts/pack
    • Requires two hands to fire.
    • Inflicts Amazing energy damage, S&T.
    • Bursts hit all in target area.
    • Uses no ammo, operates on power pack.
    • Typical strength material.
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