Identity: Alejandro Montoya
Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Tyoical
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 70
Karma 22
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 5


Electric Shock: Unearthly. Anguila can discharge electricity built up in his body through a conductive medium. Since his power only works through a conductive metal, he carries a double-edged steel sword. Aguila possesses only a limited amount of electricity, his power must be handled in a unique manner. He starts an adventure with 100 points of electrical damage. He releases this energy in any amount he desires, up to Amazing. However, at the Amazing level he must make an Endurance FEAT roll or be stunned from exertion for 1-10 rounds. He can only unleash his energy once per round. These attacks can be in any comination he wishes, such as three Remarkable attacks and a Good attack, as long as they do not exceed his total. After he has drained his initial 100 point energy supply, he regenerates his energy at a rate of 10 points per round. His energy will regenerate under any circumstance except while he is releasing it.

Double Edged Steel Sword

Excellent Edged Damage.
Remarkable Material Strength.


Multi Lingual (English and Spanish), Weapon Specialist: Sword


None Known


Aguila fancies himself a swashbuckler in the Errol Flynn style. He thinks of himself as a modern day Zorro, righting wrongs and fighting for the poor. He is flamboyant and fancies himself a ladies’ man.

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