Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 160
Karma 80
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0


Invulnerabilities: Aginar is invulnerable to heat, cold, energy, electricity, radiation, toxins and disease. He does not age and can beaffected by Stun, Slam, and Kill results. He can only be affected by a kill result that would scatter his atoms over a wide area of space.
Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Aginar can manipulate cosmic energy at the Amazing rank, and can use this to project heat, light or force at rank power and range. He may also use it to perform the following power stunts:

Transmute non-living matter with Remarkable ability
Generate illusions at Remarkable ability
Read minds with Excellent ability

True Flight: Aginar can fly at Shift-X speeds
Aginar can also psionically teleport himself at Shift-X rank, but must make a Red Psyche FEAT roll to do so. If he succeeds he must make another Red Endurance FEAT roll or be paralyzed with pain for 1-10 rounds. No Karma can be spent on either of these rolls.
Uni-Mind: Aginar, like all Eternals can form the Uni-Mind.


Armor: Aginar wares a suit of armor that provides him with Remarkable protection against Physical attacks. This armor is made of Amazing ranked materials.


Martial Arts A, B, C, wrestling, Weapons Master (Eternal Weapons), Military, Military History.


Eternals of Earth.


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