Fighting Monstrous
Agility Amazing
Strength Amazing
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Unearthly

Health 1175
Karma 250
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -20


Mental Powers: Adversary may use the following with Monstrous ability and rank. He will however, limit his powers appropriate to whatever guise he has adopted.
Animal Control
Communicate with Non-Living
Emotion Control
Mechanical Intuition
Mind Control
Sensory Link
Animal Empathy
Communicate with Plants
Incarnation Awareness
Mental Duplication
Mind Drain
Post Cognition
Serial Immortality
Animate Drawings
Free Spirit
Iron Will
Mind Blast
Mind Transferral
Remote Sensing

Weapons of Iron and Steel or Admantium do +3CS damage against him.

Occult Lore, Mythology, Psychology




The Adversary is an ancient mystical entity, possibly demonic in nature, who seeks to destroy the present universe and to create a new one in its stead. His native dimension is one of chaos, which the Adversary loves and seeks to spread to Earth’s dimension, overturning order for the mere sake of doing so. The Adversary regards himself as a gamester, toying with the fate of the cosmos for sheer enjoyment.

The Cheyenne Indians also refer to the Adversary as the ‘Great Trickster’, for the Adversary uses deception and trickery in attempting to achieve his goals. For countless generations, the Cheyenne trained their shamans to combat the Adversary’s attempts at destruction. The mutant Forge is the latest in this line, being trained by Naze.

Forge, rejecting his duties, instead faught for the US in Viet Nam. When his squad was wiped out, Forge lashed out with his untrained powers, unleashing a stream of demons and preparing the way for the Adversary’s latest attempts of destruction.

In order to keep Forge away, the Adversary took the form of Naze who was killed by the alien Dire Wraiths, and tricked Storm into trying to kill her former lover. Both Storm and Forge fled into another demension, but returned when Adversary threatened reality. Forge ‘killed’ the X-Men to ensure that the Adversary and the havoc he was creating would be confined in his own dimension. However the X-Men were returned through the powers of Roma.

Later, the Adversary returned again to our demension due to the misguided antics of the villain Haven. The Adversary killed Haven upon his return, but was once again defeated by Forge (who was then leading the mutant team, X-factor) after Forge reclaimed his mystic heritage.

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