Adam Warlock

Identity: Adam Warlock

Fighting Amazing
Agility Monstrous
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 275
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity 10

Adam Warlock

Body Resistance: Warlock possesses Incredible body armor against physical and energy attacks.
Ability Enhancement: Once per day, Warlock can boost his Strength and Endurance by +2CS for up to 5 turns. This gives him no increase in Health.
True Flight: Warlock can fly at Monstrous speed in planetary conditions, or Class 1000 speeds in outer space. If Warlock make a Red Endurance FEAT roll, he can obtain Class 3000 speeds for 2-20 turns.
Force Bolts: Warlock can generate Force or Energy Bolts with Monstrous strength from his hands up to a range of 3 areas.
Life Support: Warlock can survive the rigors of deep space with Class 1000 ability.
Protective Cocoon: Warlock can spin a cocoon around himself in seconds at will. The cocoon is made of Incredible strength material and gives him Monstrous self-healing abilities.
Self-Revival: Warlock can die however every “death” is only temporary as his life force is strong enough to revive his body with at Unearthly power rank.
Dimensional Transfer: Warlock can transport himself between our dimension and the dimension of the soul-gem at will.

Soul-gem: Warlock uses the soul-gem, one of the Infinity Gems, to give himself the following abilities:

Amazing intensity devolution, that allows the gem to reverse the effects of advanced evolution (such as caused by the High Evolutionary), returning an individual or creature to its original state.
Monstrous communications, which enables the gem to instantly translate any being’s language.
An Unearthly kinetic force bolt, that can be fired up to 4 areas away.
Unearthly Soul Absorption, which means that the gem can literally absorb a victim’s mind. The victim’s mind becomes the resident of a pocket dimension where everything is peaceful and tranquil. Warlock can access the memories of any soul trapped with in the gem.
The gem is sentient and malevolent, with the following mental stats:
Reason Incredible
Inutition Monstrous
Psyche Unearthly
The gem can substitute its own mental attributs for Warlock’s in a dire emergency. The soul-gem is made of Unearthly Strength material.




Most of Earth’s Heroes and many cosmic entities.


The being known only as “Him” was an artificial creation of the Hive, which was trying to create the perfect human. This being, emerging from his cocoon, wished nothing to do with his “fathers,” and destroying the Hive, became a cosmic wanderer. Happening upon Counter-Earth, he befriended the High Evolutionary, took the name Adam Warlock, and allied himself with the Soul Gem. The paradise of Counter-Earth was soon overrun by the forces of the Man-Beast, who destroyed Adam. However, Warlock rose from the dead to restore harmony to the planet.

He once more took to the space-ways, and discovered the Magus, his evil future self, had enslaved a thousand worlds. Determined both to defeat the Magus and to make sure he never became the Magus, Warlock gathered allies that included Gamora, Pip the Troll, and Thanos. He fought his future self and defeated him by erasing Magus’ time-line and destroying any chance of the Magus’ ever existing (by going a short distance into the future and absorbing the future Adam Warlock into his Soul Gem — essentially committing cosmic suicide.) Discovering his ally Thanos actually intended to destroy the Universe as a gift to Death, Warlock traveled to Earth and contacted the Avengers for help. Mortally wounded the following confrontation, Warlock found himself face-to-face with his past self and was absorbed into the Soul Gem. Unfortunately, Thanos still had enough power to destroy Earth’s sun; Warlock’s spirit was called forth from the Gem to stop him.

For many years, Warlock’s spirit lived in contentment within the utopia he found inside Soul Gem. However, discovering that Thanos was alive and in possession of the Infinity Gems, Warlock resurrected himself (and his two companions Pip and Gamora) to confront the Mad Titan. After the ensuring battle, Warlock himself ended up with the Infinity Gauntlet, becoming the Supreme Being of the Marvel Universe. Ordered by the Living Tribunal to divest himself of the Gems, Warlock divided them between six different care-takers, retaining the Soul Gem for himself, thus forming “the Infinity Watch.” The Infinity Watch defeated several other attempts to conquer the Universe, including one by a reborn Magus and another by Warlock’s feminine counterpart, the Goddess.

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