Emil Blonsky

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Amazing
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 240
Karma 110
Resources Feeble
Popularity -40

Body Armor: Abomination’s scaly skin provides Amazing protection against physical and energy attacks.
Resistances: Unearthly resistance to cold, heat, fire, and disease. Extreme temperatures or lack of oxygen can force him to go into a comalike hibernation state until more hospitable conditions return.
Hyper-Leaping: The Abomination has overdeveloped leg muscles which allow him to leap with Class 5000 ability, covering two miles in a single bound.
Mind-Scanning: Abomination still possesses Tyrannus’s ability to probe the thoughts of others with Amazing intensity.
Former Personality

Before Tyrannus inhabited the Abomination’s body, his mind whas that of Emil Blonsky, a Soviet spy whose attributes were as follows:
Fighting Remarkable
Agility Typical
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 211
Karma 36
Blonsky did not have the Mind Scanning ability.

Computer, Electonics, and Engineering skills. Blonsky had Detective/Espionage (unavailable to Tyrannus-Abomination)

Tyrannus was leader of the Subterraneans, an underground race. In his long absence, his people have been ruled by the Mole Man. Blonsky had several Russian Military and Political contacts.

Emil Blonsky became the Abomination by the same process which turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk. This happened when Blonsky unknowingly bombarded himself with an ordinarily fatal dose of gamma radiation, after Banner had decided to commit suicide to keep his alter-ego, the Hulk, who was under the control of the alien known as the Stranger, from destroying the human race.

As the Abomination, Blonsky retained his intelligence and enjoyed strength even greater than that of the Hulk’s, but he could not change back to human form. In one of his first activities as the Abomination, Blonsky kidnapped Betty Ross, the daughter of General Ross and the girlfriend of Banner. Banner, with the cooperation of General Ross, directed another dose of radiation at the Abomination, which reduced his level of strength somewhat, and the Abomination was defeated by the Hulk.

Soon after, the Stranger decided to transport teh Abomination to the Stranger’s base on another planet. However, the Abomination was rescued from this place and returned to Earth, whereupon he battled the Hulk several more times over many years.

On one such occaision, the Abomination was brainwashed by Modok, and was sent to kill the Hulk. The attack failed, and Modok disintegrated the Abomination, who continued to exist as a cloud of free atoms. The villain known as Tyrannus was also in a similar state, and decided to merge his atoms with those of the Abomination. The resulting explosion reintegrated the Abomination, but was dominated by Tyrannus’ consciousness.

Tyrannus, as the Abomination, kidnapped Besty, now Banner’s wife, in order that Banner might use the special nutrient bath that had seperated the Hulk from Banner, on the Abomination to make Tyrannus whole once more. The Hulk and the government agency known as SHIELD stopped the process, but in doing so seemingly destroyed Blonsky’s consciousness.

Eventually, Tyrannus managed to seperate himself from Abomination’s body, and Blonsky’s personality reassumed itself. One of his subsequent activities found Blonsky in New York, and he began stalking his former wife, Nadia Dornova, recent emigrant to the United States and star of Broadway, who believed her husband dead. Blonsky soon kidnapped Nadia but was confronted by the Hulk and his recent team, the Pantheon. Recently developing religious tendencies, Blonsky was convinced by the Hulk to allow Nadia to return rather than reveal the truth of his now-monstrous existence.

Blonsky remained in the sewers of New York, and began to attract followers of misfits and outcasts, humans and mutants, which called themselves the Abominations, and created their own community underneath New York. Blonsky served as their protector more than once, and presumably continues to shepherd his unusual flock..

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