A.I.M. XV-18 Battle Suit

Average AIM Pilot

Origin: Normal Human
Ethnicity: Any

  • Fighting: Good 10
  • Agility: Excellent 20
  • Strength: Good 10
  • Endurance: Good 10
  • Reason: Good 10
  • Intuition: Good 10
  • Psyche: Good 10

Health: 50
Karma: 30
Initiative: 0


  • None


  • Military
  • Pilot


  • AIM-Zytron-174; 500 Level A Haz-mat Underlay: Amazing protection from radiation, toxins, corrosives, fire& heat, electricity. Provides Amazing protection to senses.
  • XV-18 AIM Battle Suit: The above is a standard battle suit developed by Advanced Idea Mechanics, it has been made available to the public through less-than-honest arms dealers. This armor draws on the advancements developed by James and Andrea Kirkman. The XV-18 model has been adapted to utilize the newly developed “Blue” Energy.
    • Constructed of high strength Ablative which provides Incredible protection from physical damage, Excellent protection from energy based attacks.
    • Force Field Generator: Based on the Stonewall 9000-M: Portable Force Field Generator. Grants Incredible protection from damage.
    • Life Support System, Rank: Incredible 40
    • Class I Sensor Array:  This array includes radar, hi-res video, and infrared heat sensor units. As a move action, a Class I sensor array can perform either of the following functions with a successful Computer Use check Green:
      • Ascertain the location and size of all visible ships on the battlefield.
      • Identify and ascertain the location of all visible hazards on the battlefield (such as asteroids and mines).
      • Analyze the chemical composition of a planet’s atmosphere (the ship must be orbiting the planet).
    • Flight, Rank: Incredible 40. The armor flies by means of gyrostabilized turbines that allow the wearer to maintain a standing position while flying.
    • Boot jets, if used as weapons, inflict Remarkable damage against targets in same area.
    • Comm System:  The mecha is equipped with a radio transceiver that can transmit on multiple frequencies in either LOS (line of sight) or omnidirectional mode. It can handle up to ten simultaneous two-way
      conversations. Range 100 miles.
  • Twin-Linked A-920 Mako Gatling Laser: Can Re-roll one miss result per turn.
    • Range: 5 Areas
    • Normal Damage: 40 points, energy
    • Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
    • Number of Shots: 20 bursts/pack
    • Inflicts Incredible energy damage, S&T.
    • Yellow feat hits all in target area.
    • Uses no ammo, operates on power pack.
    • Typical strength material.
  • A-1102 Asimo Rocket Launcher:
    • Range: 10 Areas
    • Normal Damage: 50 points, energy
    • Rate of Fire: 1 shot/round
    • Number of Shots: 20 shots/pack
    • Inflicts Amazing shooting damage, S&T.
    • Hits all in target area.
    • Typical strength material.
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