Identity: Hal Chandler / Chuck Chandler
Origin: Altered Human
 Stats 3D-Man Chuck Hal
Fighting Remarkable Good Poor
Agility Remarkable Good Poor
Strength Remarkable Good Poor
Endurance Amazing Excellent Good
Reason Good Good Good
Intuition Incredible Good Excellent
Psyche Incredible Excellent Good
Health 150 50 22
Karma 90 40 40
Resources Poor Good Poor
Popularity 0 0 (10 in 1958) 0 (5 in 1958)


  •  Alter Ego: Hal Chandler owns a pair of special glasses that have identical red and green images of a human being on each lens. When Hal dons the glasses and focuses on merging the two figures, he triggures a dimensional transfer that places him in a trancelike state. His mind and the two images from his glasses or his elder brother, Chuck, merge into a gestalt being known as 3-D MAN.
  • 3-D Man can only remain active for 3 hours at a time, after which he must split into his composite images and return Hal’s mind to his body. While active 3-D Man’s brain is a composite of the minds of both Hal and Chuck Chandler, with Chuck usually being the dominant mind in the merging. 3-D Man’s body is based primarily on Chuck’s original form, including the experimental flight suit that was changed into the two-tone red/greensuit. Chuck’s body was altered by radiation from an exploding Skull ship, and 3-D Man has a number of powers in addition to his enhanced stats.
  • Leaping: 3-D Man has an Amazing rank Leaping ability, able to leap up to 3 areas from a standing start.
  • Running: 3-D Man has Good ground speed, enabling him to run at approximately 60 MPH.
  • Skrull Sense: due to Skrull radiation while escaping the exploding space craft, he has an Excellent ability to detect the presence of Skrulls within 6 areas.
Talents: 3-D Man can tap into both brother’s talents while active.
  • Chuck Chandler has the Piloting and Martial Arts B skills.
  • Hal has no talents.




The 3-D Man was a 1950s hero who came about through the unique merger of two brothers, Hal and Chuck Chandler. Chuck was a test pilot who was abducted by alien Skrulls during an important test flight. Earth is a strategic location in the ongoing conflict between the alien Kree and Skrull Empires, so the Skrulls were seeking information on Earth’s space program and had captured Chuck to interrogate him. Chuck resisted and escaped, accidentally causing the explosion of the Skrull spacecraft in the process. While his brother Hal watched, the radiation from the explosion seemingly disintegrated Chuck, who disappeared in a burst of light. Hal later discovered, however, that the light burst had imprinted an image of Chuck on each lens of Hal’s eyeglasses. Through concentration, Hal could merge the images and cause Chuck to reappear as a three-dimensional man. Chuck become the costumed adventurer known as the 3-D Man and single-handedly subverted the Skrulls’ early attempts to undermine Earthly civilization.

Hal would remain comatose whenever the 3-D Man was active, but was aware of the 3-D Man’s activities through a sort of mental link. Later, a Skrull’s ray weapon altered the transformation so that Hal was the 3-D Man’s dominant consciousness for some time. Both brothers’ minds seemed to be present in the 3-D Man at all times, but only one of them (usually Chuck) would be in conscious control of the 3-D Man’s form on any given occasion.

In at least one timeline, which may or may not be an alternate past, a team of adventurers known as the Avengers briefly formed in the 1950’s before disbanding at the request of the President, who felt the public wasn’t ready to learn of them and their exploits. The 3-D Man was part of that short-lived Avengers team, and their rescue of the President from the Yellow Claw helped dispel the 3-D Man’s reputation as a dangerous outlaw thanks to the President’s influence.

After a brief career as a costumed adventurer, Hal decided to retire the 3-D Man, partly because he was thinking about starting a family, and partly because he was afraid his brother’s consciousness might somehow be lost during periods when Hal was the 3-D Man’s dominant consciousness. Hal settled down into a career as a research scientist, got married and raised two sons. He has only activated the 3-D Man twice in recent years, and Chuck seemed to be its dominant consciousness again.

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