Machine Man

Machine Man
Aaron Stack

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Remarkable

Health 170
Karma 100
Resources Typical
Popularity 20


Anti-gravity Generators: hover or fly silently at Feeble speed.
Extendable Limbs: Machine Man can extend his arms and legs out a maximum of three areas and can engage in close combat and handle objects. He can step over structures up to three stories tall and climb surfaces at a speed of five areas/round. Extended at two areas his strength is only Excellent, at three areas it is only Good.
Environmental Independence: He does not need to sleep, eat, drink or breathe. he is invulnerable to poisons and other toxins and can survive in outer space or a vaccuum.
Heating/Cooling systems: He can radiate Remarkable rank heat or cold from his hands at 3 areas range.
Electricity: He can channel Incredible electricity through his system but must make an Endurance FEAT to avoid malfunction for 1-10 rounds.
Pistol hands: He has a pair of modified .357 Magnums in his index fingers which do Good damage at 1 area range.
Helicopter: He can put helicopter wings on his head to fly at Good speed.
Computer Interface: Machine Man can communicate with computers and machinery at Amazing rank.
Rocket Boosters: Ankle rockets give him flight at Excellent speed.


Power Source Dependency: If kept in darkness for more than 40 hours he will loose 3 Endurance ranks each hour thereafter. If he’s not exposed to light or energy before his Endurance drops to Feeble he will shut down. He will regain lost Endurance by 1 rank per round that he’s absorbing solar energy.




Peter Spaulding (psychologist), “Gears” Garvin (mechanic). He has encountered a number of costumed heroes.


Machine Man has had the entire database of knowledge from Nimrod/Master Mold transfered to him. He reclaimed his own identity but it is unkown what remains.

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