About Us

We are just two roleplayers that have taken upon the mission of preserving and cataloging all the information scattered around the web, that is related to the classic marvel super heroes roleplaying game.


“When I was a kid the only thing I loved more than reading comic books was pretending to be them. Then I found out that running the villains and having them beat the crap out of your friends was even more fun. Thus a GM was born.”
Gaming Experience: “He has been playing pretend since 1986 where he discovered the wonders of ADnD. Shortly after he moved on to Marvel Super Heroes and has been faithful ever since.”
Favorite Heroes: The Thing and Green Arrow.


“I like to think of myself as a roleplaying game scientist. I enjoy testing out mechanics, settings and game systems. At the moment i’m focusing on rules light systems and experimental educational games.”
Gaming Experience: “Has been a GM since 1995. He also likes to try new gaming systems, but his favorite is Marvel Super Heroes!”
Favorite Heroes: Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk

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